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Post-midnight Youtube filler: Nine Days – Absolutely (Story of a Girl)

gloinsi (1 month ago)   -2    Reply | Spam
geile nutte die alte die da singt :)

gloinsi (1 month ago)   -2    Reply | Spam

geile nutte die alte die da singt 🙂

Kinda feeling like Owen Coyle right now: I’ve taken an unfashionable prospect (ie, a blog that is mainly about calling journalists who are more succesful than me cunts while occasionally referencing WCW midcarders from the late 90s), and taken it into the big leagues. What I’m trying to say is, as of about 9am yesterday, ILB is officially linked off of Simon Reynolds’ blog. I was going to make a big thing of this, crack the fireworks animated gifs out and stick up an MP3 of, certainly my favourite song of the past few years, “We Made It” by Busta Rhymes ft Linkin Park, but then I realised that defunct-for-a-month Stylus old boys’ blog Rocktimists is also being linked to by the man with the glasses, so I’ve not really achieved that much. And, unlike Owen Coyle, my fanbase doesn’t consist entirely of racists, unless Carpentieri is back reading anonymously again…

So, instead, here’s Nine Days with “Absolutely”, a song so fantastically derivative that you can find MP3s of it tagged up as “Nine Days/Three Doors Down”. End-of-the-90s US radio pop was a genre that never really got going in the UK, despite the fact that one of the guys in the teenage therapy group I used to attend would keep us up-to-date weekly with developments in the world of Matchbox 20. The group was run by a man who looked a lot like Gaizka Mendieta, for what it’s worth.

But this music wouldn’t have fitted in with the “trance pop ‘n’ Texas” approach of Radio 1 back in the day, Radio 2 was too ecstastic at all the Britpop refugees that were swimming towards it like so many Libyan asylum seekers whose boat has just sunk to really care about American stuff, and local commercial radio was at its nadir, which remembering there was a time when The X-Fools was filling breakfast show timeslots nationwide, is saying something.

So we never got to hear “Absolutely” in Albion, having to wait for its appearances in conjunction with Lizzie McGuire instead. Which is a shame: as inane as it is, to me this is how bitchmade power pop should sound, and if a few less bands who consider themselves power pop stopped trying to ape The Only Ones for a second and instead tried to rescue this most maligned of genres from the likes of Scouting for Girls by playing them at their own game, maybe we’d be going somewhere.

  1. maxr
    July 9, 2009 at 11:06 pm

    “teenage therapy group”

    wait… what?

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