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NME journalist James McMahon has nervous breakdown on YouTube

THE SICKEST MAGAZINE COVER EVER. idk mayne, the NME using the 2001 Bradford race riots in an attempt to boost up readership figures despite having nothing to do with the music (and, hey, their entire writing staff being the kind of people who were being firebombed as that shit dropped) pushes it pretty close, although in fairness none of the people whose lives were put at risk there were famous, so fuck ’em.

I have no idea what to make of this… is this just another fucking example of that Marina Hyde school of “I am soooooo above this horrid tawdry mockery of celebrity culture you get in the gossip rags, I have my own refined brand of tawdry mockery of celebrity instead” that seems to have swarmed over the dead tree media in the past 18 months? OH NO A PICTURE OF A MAN IN AN AMBULANCE IS ON THE COVER OF THE MAGAZINE, LET US GRAB OUR FUCKING PITCHFORKS (no Breihan) IMMEDIATELY. Good dig in at Martine McCutcheon there though son, how dare that fucking cunt hang out with people more famous than her?

McMahon’s blog is an utter treat though if you ever get the chance to look at it, partiular high points include how he wouldn’t fuck anyone who has a different faith to him, paeans to Aspie shut-in pop culture bullshit that if you are into you can stop reading this blog right now and, I kid you not, a comic he drew about hanging out with The Rakes. I’d just like to point out the musical education of the (white, northern, middle class) kids of this nation are being entrusted to this man, is there any fucking wonder this country’s falling into the ocean?

Anyway, we’re being snarky here, let’s just sit back and enjoy a nice photo of Jamie Mac:

james mcmahon

Gorgeous, huh? It’s like Craig Finn finally found a bear afficionado as a feeder and just let go. I’m pretty sure Swells’ coughing up that last chunk of lung looked more blappable than that.

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