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Post-midnight Youtube filler: Placebo – 36 Degrees (#80, July 1996)

thlove4ever (1 year ago)   -1    Reply
si sa va

thlove4ever (1 year ago)   -1    Reply

si sa va

Can we critically reclaim Placebo? Probably not, but I’m gonna try. Within the next week, you’re going to be getting an ILB certified post on why Placebo’s S/T debut isn’t just the lame final gurgle of Britpop (or even the first even lamer gurgle of late 90s glam revivalism), but actually a really good album.

You have to assume that if Brian Molko has any sense of self-realisation (a jump to imagine, I kn0w), he probably stares at Muse and goes “Ah, man…”, with the same tone of resignation a gambler does when he realises that Fallon brought the whip out a few yards too late. Placebo had enough bombast, silliness, and moments of retarded sincerity that they could have posed a serious threat to Bellamy et al if they weren’t so fucking ridiculous.

“36 Degrees” was the third single from said debut album, and this was a time when singles that got to #80 in the charts were selling enough that you could afford to get Chris Cunningham on board to direct a really shitty video that took full advantage of the mid 90s “let’s film a video underwater because we can” craze.

I’m not gonna go crazy here because as stated above we have a larger post coming. Let’s just leave it at the fact that the first ever internet message board I joined was for Placebo fans, a site now reduced to that girl with the rucksack plugging domain names. It was where I learned to troll, although this was back in the days where I was trolling and plugging Dead Prez as a hot new band at the same time, so I dunno. I was banned with the immortal phrase “Maybe you’d be happier on a football forum, you cunt”. Google the site head mod’s name mainly brings up oblique commentary on “it was a shame what happened with Leigh”, so maybe there’s your mystery to be solved for the Placebo revival. Oh, and this Livejournal post as well. Me neither.

  1. maxr
    June 23, 2009 at 9:09 pm

    placebo was the go-to band for normal girls who were a bit mosh-curious.

    bri sounded like lou barlow with his balls in a vice, tho.

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