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Post-midnight Youtube filler: LFO ft MOP – Life Is Good

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We’ve spoken here before about our love for pissy last.fm battles between fans of bands with exactly the same name (and, weirdly, last.fm seems convinced that all of your plays of mediocre whiteboy blograpper AC are actually intended to be of old Australian dudes AC/DC). But Spotify throws up the occasional piece of low-end hilarity as well. Of particular note is the 2007 compilation album “Beach Party”, consisting of all your favourite low-rent seaside restaurant classics covered by session musicians, and a light bossanova take on “I’ve Had The Time of My Life” by a bunch of guys calling themselves “M.O.P.”. I’ve listened through to it about three times waiting for Lil Fame to turn up on some “bukka-bukka-blow” shit, and he never does.

I also sat through “Life Is Good” by LFO ft MOP repeatedly, waiting for Lil Fame and his chum Billy to turn up. They do. And God I wish they didn’t. This is LFO of liking girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch fame, by the way, in case you thought it was the early 90s rave dudes. Over Sugar Ray guitars, MOP opt for a self-help approach to their lyrics here (“Don’t talk down on a man unless you’re helping him up”: why would you insult someone who you’re in the process of helping up?), while LFO reminisce back on summertimes past, like they do in the only two LFO songs you’ve ever heard ever before today. Still, it’s better than anything they released while on G-Unit, so good work there guys.

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