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Caspa The Friendly Dubstepper


ILB finds itself in the mouths of certain in-the-know journo figures more often than free champagne: whether it’s certain Guardian journalists engaging in email volleys with ex-girlfriends in a desperate search for “dirt”, or just that prissy dude that edited The Quietus before it went tits up pissing and moaning on Facebook about me, we’re a hot topic. My favourite ever casual reference to mefrom a hack though was when patron saint of the glasses-wearing music writers, Simon Reynolds, asked a former Stylus writer at some sort of New York New Media shindig “Dom Passantino… is he actually like that in real life?” The writer in question said “Yeah…. yeah he is”, and went on to report that later in the evening Reynolds was to be found tapping out the beat to “Undone (The Sweater Song)” on his legs.

Which is why we’d feel obliged to defend the guy from any external attacks. He penned a whatever, whatever piece on the third Audio Bully where he referred to Caspa as “the Guy Ritchie of dubstep“. The world awaited Caspa’s response. He really hasn’t disappointed. From Real Groove:

“Oh, that fucking donut!” he starts. “When I first read it I actually laughed. I don’t ever recall in my life meeting this guy, so I don’t know where he got these words that he writ you know?
“He writ 1700 words on how much he hated me, when actually all I am is a 26-year-old guy enjoying myself, making music, touring the world, doing something that I love. And there’s someone trying to bring me down and saying all these things like he knows me as a person.
“He doesn’t know me at all, so I just found it quite funny that he had all these assumptions and all these ideas when he never met me. The thing is he’s a journalist, and journalists are there to antagonise and get people to raise their eyebrows and go ‘ooohhhh!’
“And that’s what he’s done, but to be honest, if he’s got nothing better to do than write 1700 words on why he hates me then he’s a prick. I don’t mind people saying bad stuff, if they don’t like me as an artist that’s fine. But he kind of got personal, and he didn’t need to do that. I’m sure one day we’ll meet face to face, and uh… he won’t be hiding behind his computer.”

What a guy.

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