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That one Cassetteboy/Apprentice thing you’ve already seen everyfuckingwhere else

So anyway, I got the first “lol have u seen this lol” message about this video around 10:30am this morning, and thought to myself “Oh, that’s an idea, I can just throw that up on ILB, shove some old Cassetteboy MP3s underneath it, and somehow pass that off as content.

The only problem being that: I don’t have any Cassetteboy MP3s anymore, I deleted them all in 2007 when I realised I had no desire to listen to “The Parker Tapes”, “Dead Horse”, or the one they did between those that wasn’t very good ever again.

And you probably haven’t bothered either. Which is weird when you think about it: “The Parker Tapes” was an album of the year contender absolutely everywhere. I doubt if it got under 8/10 anywhere. And nobody listens to it now.

I mean, technically, yeah, it’s sociopath “yep, I went there” gags about major fatalities have been rendered irrelevant by 4chan, but it seemed “fun” at the time. And that’s the crux: every single year, year-end lists throw up something that people are gonna look at five years later and go “Why… why is that there?” I don’t mean in a “Holy shit people actually bought Northern State albums?” way. I mean in a Cassetteboy way, in the way that 2001 round-up polls all had shit like “Smells Like Booty” and “A Stroke of Genie-Us” on them, songs which are now more reminiscent of a bad freshers indie night circa Colin Todd’s managerial spell at Derby Couny than any brave new musical dawn.

Shit “with an angle” gets outdated hella quickly, and now we’re all blogging away to an audience of nearly 200 people worldwide, even more so. The Thru-You mixes on YouTube are one of my favourite things of this year, Israel’s finest contribution to life in general since cheap rape porn featuring Russian immigrant crackwhores, but am I gonna shout it out? No, because I don’t want December 09 to roll around and people to think I’ve been endorsing the late 2000s equivalent of “The Action Packed Mentalist Brings You The Fucking Jams”.

Anyway, just watch the video because it makes me pine for the glory days of Tre Azam calling people “a plum” and rolling his eyes permanently. Now there’s a dude with staying power.

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