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Some music we’ve been listening to while not bothering to update this thing

We may as well close this blog down now. I think Phil Brown won music this weekend. People go on and fucking on about George Jones on Hee-Haw as some sort of gold standard of vocal performances, but the KC crowd got treated to something that made GJ need to go and play the back for a while. Pretend you’re a UK-based broadsheet football columnist here by writing your own played-out string of punchlines revolving around Cuprinol, Britney Spears’ microphones, call centre employees, or Tango adverts. And then collect a £75k a year minimum salary.

But anyway, when we here at ILB aren’t sublimating all the energies and emotions we have based around the fact that a girl whose ex-boyfriend looks like Seth Rogen with progeria into marathon FM09 sessions, we do listen to music. Here’s some stuff we’ve been liking recently that we’re going to try and pretend indicates we bother listening to any music these days that isn’t selected for us priorly by either Burning World or Hip Hop Is Read.


Ivan Ives – I Hate College

To be honest, if, alongside USA, the only other countries that were allowed to make music were an alternate version reality of Sweden were everyone who wasn’t gay was killed, and Argentina in the 1950s, the world would be a much happier place. Ivan Ives is Russian, but being an immigrant, has picked up some of the affectations and attitudes of his adopted homeland. Being an immigrant, presumably he also keeps his mobile phone in a leather case, but that’s neither here nor there. Anyway, Ives is another guy to get the prestigious Cracker Rap Pass from ILB, being as he’s going with the MC Serch-endorsed “go hard at whichever white rapper has upset some black guys recently for cred” move. He also seems to be alternating Immortal Technique-style “OBAMA IS A PUPPET OF THE ZIONIST MEDIA” ish with some raps about getting college students to take their clothes off in lieu of them paying for cocaine he’s dealing, so that’s all basis covered imo.


Playboy Tre – Moving Dem Keys

A decent enough outside horse when it comes to discussions on 2K9 Rap Album of the Year, Playboy Tre’s “Liquor Store Mascot” is the kind of joint where UK-based dudes like myself just nod and go “Yep, love this” with the constant underlying feel that this pays 500 different kinds of homage to late 90s southern rap dudes we’ve never heard of because we spent 1998 checking for Declaime. So I can’t see shit else other than “Yep, love this” and “this whole album really does feel like a 90s throwback, not in terms of beats or style or production but in terms of “every track’s a story” and dude loves his corny gimmicks” and “be sure to delete track 14 on the album because it contains, I shit you not, an Evanescence sample”. That’s about it.


Punchline -Senseless

Everyone’s third favourite member of eMC at least lives up to his sobriquet (“I deal with drama like the feds did the DJ”) (“I got little fame like Billy Danze”), and gets in a Maino zing with 14 minutes 59 seconds on the clcok, over the kind of 3am taxi ride beats that just scream “yo, ignore this, dude’s a lyrical cat listen to the bars”. Pretty great all in all, even if Punchline does have a really shitty blog where he just posts some Youtube videos he likes. And yet no keyboard cat. What a douche.


Half Man Half Biscuit – 24 Hour Garage People (Live at London Forum, October 18th, 2008)

So basically either you’re already an HMHB stan and have immediately loaded up this track because you keep the varying costs of Pringles announced at HMHB concerts on a spreadsheet, or else you’re a lost cause. This is for the former. “This is a man who actively buys tickets to see Dale Griffin’s Mott the Hoople”.


Mike Sammes – Dulux Super 3

I feel if I explain this I’ll ruin it. Basically, this is a paint advert jingle form 1969 that shouts out Joe Stalin. That’s kinda all you need to know.

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