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Fuschimuschi – Play Da Easy Ball

As part of ILB’s ongoing quest to post about every single video we watched on German rock TV back in the late 90s, here is “Play Da Easy Ball” by Fuschimuschi, a song that’s lived so far into the memory that it currently has a stunning 112 Youtube views, and an outstanding two listens on last.fm in the past six months. Although this fetishisation of the Viva Zwei playlist of 1999 is undoubtedly appreciated by all, please stop me before it gets to the point where I’m talking about Guano Apes or Die Artze. Because both those bands really were some bullshit.

Anyway, “Play Da Easy Ball”, a hammond organ-fuelled self-motivational ballad disguised as a screed against the Hollywood pass. A friend of mine recently revealed to me that she’d bought every single Beck album since “Odelay” on the day of release, which struck me as a) a bit like someone telling you they were buying tickets to watch Dino Baggio turn out in the tenth tier of Italian football where he currently plays, week-in week-out, and b) a little pointless. One of the cute things about Beck is no matter where he’s been in his career there’s always been someone doing what he did better, whether that was Eels or Prince Paul or, I dunno, fucking Ryan Adams or some douche like that.

“Play Da Easy Ball” fits into that, it’s sleazy and it’s ironic and it’s goofy and it’s far too knowing and the fact that the lead singer of Fuschimuschi (presumably the Portugese-lookin’ dude who turns up in the video every five seconds) is called “Fuschimuschi Math-Ice” is really annoying, but this is pretty fire as a “throw this on a BBQ party mixtape and sit around smug as everyone goes ‘Wait, what’s that is that Jimi Tenor?’)” option.

Also, football team line-ups singing national anthem is a good look for a video imo. Should be the treatment for the next Los Campesinos! promo.

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