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Bathgate ft Cassidy – Ringling Brothers


Billy Bathgate. They had it in the library. I thought of you.

We actually threw away something like 3,000 words of content yesterday on ILB. We had the idea of sitting down and reviewing absolutely every single MP3, video, promo pic, mixtape leak, whatever, that featured on Nah Right in an average week. So that would have been the equivalent of sitting down and reviewing around 220 pieces of content, 466 of which featured 88-Keys in some manner. It was a fucking retarded idea, and by the time I realised I was reusing old gags about Semtex’s physical disabilities, I figured it was time to cut my losses, tap out, and go and spent a few hours praying to the Lord that Northampton Town take a point off Scunthorpe Thursday.

I think we got something like 40 posts in before quitting. The idea was to frame the whole piece in a kind of “Man I’m old and don’t know how to keep up with new music” viewpoint. I mean, my father actually did the “Yo, you’re a fucking second generation immigrant, man up and buy a fucking house” talk with me the other week. I’m technically an adult, and I’ve slowly begun to resent the act of discovering new music. I partly blame Spotify, which means I really do need to listen to nothing other than The Beatnuts, Todd Rundgren, and Bob Wills’ back catalogues all day, rather than drag my arse off there and discover what, say, Future of the Left or The Wave Pictures actually sound like.

It’s getting to the point where I’m actively dreading listening to the new Asher Roth album, when a few years ago I would have been stoked for a product I could kick the shit out of for easy zings. Now it’s just going to make me miserable and I’ll start complaning it’s not as good as rap music from 1999. “Swel Boogie would never have kicked a verse that poor”, that kind of stuff.

Anyway, from my listening of Nah Right I discovered two things that didn’t suck from modern rap. One was a Nappy Roots freestyle. The other was this. Back in 2004, there would have been a song like this released a week, it would have made #47 on your year end list, and there would have been a remix with a Jae Millz verse on it. We all would have gone home happy. In 2009, two rappers you’d completely forgotten about engaging inNeptunes-lite “Lord Willin'” cosplay actually sounds essential. Well done all involved.


Bathgate ft Cassidy – Ringling Brothers

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  1. April 21, 2009 at 8:57 pm

    I am really not looking forward to any “Top 25 Songs of the 2000’s” lists coming up in eight months. I will recognize Wilco, White Stripes, Gnarls Barkley, Gorillaz and that song that was on the iPod commercial. That’s assuming Gorillaz would even come close to somebody’s Top 25, but I digress.

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