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Busta Rhymes – Hustler’s Anthem (feat. T-Pain)

I dunno if you bother keeping up with the crazy world of rap blogs, but amongst the paler sections of those fine institutions, there’s a clamour for the new Eminem album. Not anticipation, not excitement, but just the desperate urge for it to not be fucking awful. It’s not out of any great love for the boy Mathers, or ardent fanboyism, but more a desire for things to be “as they were”. I think it’s the same with Busta for me.

Rap changes ridiculously quickly, and a quick look at any rap radio station’s A-list from as little as three years ago will quickly have you going “Wait, was he the guy who used to go “urrrr” all the time?” repeatedly. On the flipside, this does lead those who have a desire to build a “rap career”, with touring and merch and as much (if not more) love from the rock festival crowd as the hip-hop heads becoming ridiculously staid and refusing to react to any external stimulus(Blackalicious, Tech N9ne, Ill Bill, Ghostface Killah).

“The Big Bang” was fucking awful on every single understandable level, and as far as sickening marketing moves go, using Rhymes’ refusal to speak to police over the murder of his bodyguard as a “hook” is up there with the worst of them. But the album forgot what it is that made people, or at least non-US resident whiteboys of my generation, give a damn about him in the first place: he’d wear stupid hats and make weird noises. At his peak, Busta Rhymes has basically been one of The Wiggles throwing money around in a strip club and flashing his watch at the camera. “Touch It” really didn’t remind me of that in any way shape or form. Neither did “Touch It (Remix)”, with Papoose’s deep “New York in the palm of my hand” metaphors strongly resembling something I’d have been told to write as a “bonus assignment” in GCSE English Literature.

So, “Back On My BS” drops in, I dunno, a period of time or so, and like the idiot I am, I’m actively anticipating it. It’s going to be an utter letdown, it’ll probably feature Santogold at some point, and the chick on “Conglomerate” has a really annoying voice. But “Arab Money” was easily my favourite racist club banger since “All About The Benjamins”, and, look at this video! He’s got Hype Williams out of cold stasis and he’s wearing hats again. And employing the kind of video editing techniques that you’d have expected on a Blind Melon video circa 1993. Welcome back, you inevitably disappointing old kook.

  1. JD
    April 19, 2009 at 8:51 pm

    my favourite racist club banger

    new screenname

    • Dom Passantino
      April 19, 2009 at 9:15 pm

      All the celebrities post to ILB! Glad to have you on board, guy from Bon Iver.

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