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Post-Midnight YouTube Filler: Go West – We Close Our Eyes (#5, February 1985)


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I’m going with my Mom (yes I know!!!) to see them on 22 Feb – she’s been a huge fan of theirs since the 80’s – and Peter is still hot !!!!!! can’t wait – This is an awesome song!!!!!!!!

Is “We Close Our Eyes” the overlooked truly “great” pop song? I know that’s a bit of a “Boom, here’s my opinion, what do you think of that” claim, but there’s something about it…

You’re not going to find the answer to this on the song’s YouTube comments, unsurprisingly. We even struggled to find a straight-up “bizarre” comment to use up there, among the sea of “I AM ONLY TWELVE BUT I LISTEN TO 80S MUSIC”/”hahahaha mullet/puppets” comments (and one guy, in a stunning attack of inaccuracy, claiming a similarity of appearance between Go West’s Peter Cox and former Chelsea striker Kerry Dixon). We only chose “IBothersSnape” because a) we nearly got off with a girl who claimed to know Neil Cicierega once b) IBothersSnape actually left an almost identical message mentioning how she was going to see Fleet Foxes with her mother.

Go West are better than Fleet Foxes. Go West are better than, say, King or Talk Talk, who could be seen as their contemporaries. They may have been better than Duran Duran, they probably work the Duran Duran of the working man (check out the toolbox fetishisation in this video). We talk about Mondeo Pop a lot here, but “We Close Our Eyes” is just a perfect encapsulation of the spirit of Mondeo Pop: cheerful music for the working day, filtering blue-eyed soul through whatever were the appropriate “alternative-but-pop” musical styles of the day (here, a shitload of synth).

That “wooden crate of jelly falling down the stairs” intro. The fact that the song may be about coming out as gay. That bridge, man. “You can almost hear time slipping awawawawawawawayyyyyyyyyyy”. “LETS-US-TAKE-THE-BLAME”, the effortless nature of those syllables is almost Big Pun-esque. We can walk on water. The great missing aspect of the Vice City soundtrack is right here.

Someone told me that Go West now performed at wedding parties, but that sadly, for the future Mrs Passantino if nobody else, turns out to be a lie. However, the official Go West forum is hotter than summer right now, and while I would clearly never stoop as low as to c+p large chunks of text out of it in order to fill up space, we really do recommend you click on “Member’s diaries” (sic), as watching die hard Go West fans recount details of their day brick by brick really is quite something.

  1. F
    April 2, 2009 at 9:55 am

    this song is a fucking banger but he sounds like he can’t say the R in “our” properly

    RC’s interpretation of this song’s hateful Thatcherist tendencies is worthwhile reading

  2. Toadfish "Toadie" Rebecchi
    April 3, 2009 at 11:06 am

    Here’s a bit of advice for you, Bargearse: if you wanna get a gig in this town, you gotta bag out the Thatcherite pop, not support it. Did you see that Spandau Ballet article in The Guardian last week? It was the worst piece of writing I’ve seen outside of left-wing weekly papers but that shit sells, big man.

    Anyway, I’m off to read this RC pop conspiracy. Now that’s hitz in the bank.

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