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ITT, “Lawyers, Guns and Money”


Zevon was already feeding worms by the time I became aware of him as anything other than “the dude who sang that song about Chinese takeaways”, so I really can’t call myself anything other than a massive latecomer, but all of you out there should know that, alongside HMHB and The Beatnuts, Warren forms part of the triumvate of permanently approved ILB acts. And “Lawyers, Guns and Money” may be his peak. Read more…


We taking over, one needless web publication at a time

April 30, 2009 1 comment

What an exciting fortnight for fans of high-octane misogynist blogger Dom Passantino. First he extended his claims to the world of pro-wrestling blogging. Then we started gadding about with legendary old-ass rap journos. And now, we’ve hooked up with a guy who quite literally used to write for the ever-awesome The Fly to bring you a spin-off of an earlier ILB post, entitled Hipsters Are Fucking Awesome. The Fly hack in question is one of ILB’s oldest friends and, like when you actually buy a girl dinner, we had an obligation to say yes. Check it out before we forget about it in five days time after buying Tiger Woods 09 for our PS3.

Dom Passantino is now writing for Fat Lace Magazine

April 28, 2009 5 comments

In which the cocky young upstart gets another shot at the big time, after alienating his superiors at his first major club with his attitude problems. A flair writer who got enough love for his steez on the smaller stage out of the spotlight, can he make a success of a transfer to a more prestigious institution, known for an aging fanbase and its desire to make it back into the big six of blogs? Time will tell.

Fuschimuschi – Play Da Easy Ball

As part of ILB’s ongoing quest to post about every single video we watched on German rock TV back in the late 90s, here is “Play Da Easy Ball” by Fuschimuschi, a song that’s lived so far into the memory that it currently has a stunning 112 Youtube views, and an outstanding two listens on in the past six months. Although this fetishisation of the Viva Zwei playlist of 1999 is undoubtedly appreciated by all, please stop me before it gets to the point where I’m talking about Guano Apes or Die Artze. Because both those bands really were some bullshit.

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Let us ironically reappraise hipsters

April 27, 2009 8 comments



If any of you people actually discussed music outside of gay-ass internet circle jerks where people are weeping salt tears at the closure of Idolator (and I personally am mourning their intricate brand of “Silversun Pickups are touring, I bet that’ll be good” high-end content), you’d learn something quite interesting. For the outside world, “indie” and “hipster” are interchangeable terms. Tell someone that you like The Indie Rock, and regardless of whether or not you’re popping The Pains of Being Pure at Heart or the fucking Old 97s, dollars-to-donuts this person will have now pegged you as a hipster. 

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Glory days, in the wink of an abducted girl’s eye..

April 26, 2009 8 comments



Has ILB ever been afraid of reporting the legend? Of course it hasn’t. Self-deprecation and modesty are for guys trying to fuck literature majors. IchLugeBullets has always been strictly dick-waving, no matter the occasion. So in celebration of the latest Tori Amos album that nobody’s going to listen to, allow me to recall some of the reactions to my review of “The Beekeeper”, four years ago… Read more…

Time Magazine covers that someone should hurry the fuck up and put on a t-shirt #1