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It’s Suga Free Sunday on IchLugeBullets.com





There’s probably no rapper, or musician in general for that matter, that I know less about that I want to talk about as much as Suga Free. Other than the way the man holds his knife and fork (is he eating or playing Operation?), I can’t think of a single thing the man has done to disappoint me in his career, whether it’s rocking history’s most relaxed hair, representing the short-assed brothers like myself, or just knocking out fantastically misogynistic hit after hit, Dejuan Rice is a man who is worthy of being celebrated. Here’s a trinity of Suga Free tracks to pass your Sunday with.



Suga Free ft Snoop Dogg, Katt Williams and Mannie Fresh – So Fly (Remix)

Mannie Fresh: the great underrated guest artist of our time? Ironically enough, the last time Weezy was totally bearable was when he was guesting on the last Fresh album: circles within circles. “So Fly”, every so often, threatens to turn into the McDonalds jingle by that guy who gouged his eye out on PCP, but don’t hold that against it. Suga Free explains womanhood again for his listeners (don’t hit them that much because sometimes they can be useful), and then ends his verse with the revelation that he “enjoys drinking alcohol”), Snoop gives us the lines he couldn’t fit into his verse on “Signs” and then Katt Williams turns up to let you know that he’s on the remix itself. Mannie’s 8-bit platformer jump noises are just the perfect frosting here.



Baby Bash ft Suga Free, Katt Williams and Chingo Bling – That’s What Tha Pimpin’s There For

Nobody on this tracks sounds like they’re putting in anything above, say, a 4/10 in terms of effort, and yet this is still legitimately one of my 25 favourite tracks of this decade so far. We would do the “Ask your grandparents” gag for Chingo Bling, but I’m pretty sure even they’ll have forgotten him by now. It is interesting how Katt Williams (an ILB-approved comedian, fwiw) based his entire visual schtick on Suga Free (although, admittedly, he has recently branched out into the blazer and jeans look favoured by players in Midlands-area student indie bars), and then actually got to hang out with him for five or so years. Which is kind of a positive compared to the solitary fashion influence music has had on British stand-up comedy seems to have been that guy from The Vines.


Suga Free – Why U Bullshittin?


I would just like to say the first person who can put this on a t-shirt will be the recipient of my Paypal dollars. That is all.

Oh yeah and he releases a new album tomorrow and I should probably review that at some point. TRAILER.

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