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Cover versions I was quite happy to not know existed until ten minutes ago: #1 Paolo Nutini – “Sugar Man”


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His voice makes me dream,makes me feel wounderful… its Paolo magic.

Lisbeth ,Denmark


We here at IchLugeBullets quite clearly reject the concept of the “guilty pleasure” per se. However, if, as seems increasingly likely, a PCP-crazed Sean Rowley phoned us up one day and informed us he had our mother duct taped to a drainpipe somewhere and he was going to papercut her to death unless we nominated a particular “guilty pleasure”, Sixto Rodriguez’s “Sugar Man” would be it.

It’s an utterly ridiculous song, and should be a total embarrassment. It’s “psychedelic folk”, such an unpleasant genre name. It features a “drugs as candy store” motif (the 60s equivalent of the “candy store as rapper’s penis” motif that we all know and love in 2009). And Sixto is a fucking stupid name.

And yet… maybe it’s because it was the only decent song my stoner flatmates ever bumped in my second year of university. Maybe it’s because it degenerates into a series of noises that sound like something from Oliver Postgate’s nightmares. Maybe it’s because I’ve spent most of today reading B-Real’s Twitter account and am just stunned at how many words one man can write dedicated solely to the purpose of going “TWO HOURS AND 22 MINUTES UNTIL 4:20 ON THE WEST COAST!!!”. But I always loved this track.

Which is really why I don’t need Paolo Nutini, off of the shoe adverts where he sings the song about shows, adding his own personal take. I also don’t need Rodriguez being dragged out of whatever retirement home he’s currently in to perform a duet with our Paolo:

I mean, he was on a David Holmes mix CD in the early 2000s. Surely he’s a millionaire from the royalties of that alone? It just strikes me as unseemly when you grab some, probably dying, 60s folk luminary up on stage to give you a little kudos that you’re otherwise lacking because you’re the man who does the song about shoes from the shoe advert. Between Nutini, Rea, and Lisa Maffia, I can’t help but feel my people have contibuted insufficiently to the British musical landscape.


Anyway, this is how it’s supposed to be done:

  1. April 5, 2009 at 9:47 pm

    I was at a grimy pub karaoke where they had this the other night. There was no point doing it though as no-one else would have known it. So I did “Under My Thumb” by the Rolling Stones.

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