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Legends of UK hip-hop #1: Too-Hype Posse of Oxted, Surrey

I appreciate that one of the great pieces of ridiculousness of IchLugeBullets, other than the fact that a week later we’ve still not written that anecdote about the indie musician trying to brainwash us into being addicted to his semen, is that it is in effect a blog written by a Britisher dealing with, for a good 30% of its content, American rap music.

Hey, I don’t like it any more than you guys, which is why I’ve always tried to shy away from writing about American rap in American webzines or whatever: it just strikes me as a stunningly easy way to come across as as an ignorant fuck, even if you’re pretty knowledgeable about the genre as a whole for a Brit (qf any time Dizzee talks about 2Pac as an “old school” rapper).

So I gotta hit you off with something different. I gotta hit you with some examples of real British music history. I gotta hit you with the Too-Hype Posse of Oxted, Surrey (a posse being a group of people who enjoy rap or hip-hop).

Now you and I may think of Oxted as just one of a thousand commuter towns you wouldn’t identify from a hole in East Grinstead. But as this video demonstrates, the town had talent, people you can rely on, people who sneeze like a snare drum. Portable people. Human digital drums, or horns.

Sadly, no Too-Hype Posse ever made it to wax, and this video clip, from much-missed early 90s children’s documentary series Low Down is all that’s left. The beatboxer in the video did go on to be Burial, however.

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