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Day five of severe intestinal pains and blood in my stools mean that yet again, you’re not going to be getting any original content of actual importance, but as a fan-friendly measure we thought we may as well use this post to highlight the fact that Los Campesinos! now have a blog. Yes I’m stunned they didn’t already as well.

Located here, it, as of 11:30am this morning, contained a post about how former Madness frontman Suggs’ cover of “I’m Only Sleeping” was superior to The Beatles original, but this missive has for some reason been deleted in the past few hours.

This isn’t the only bout of LC! activity in the past few days though: the guys also found themselves being interviewed by the utterly prestigious Threadless TV and all marked the occasion by… having none of them turn up for said appearance in a Threadless t-shirt. Which makes sense, as none of them are morbidly obese. High points of the video are… absolutely nothing, unless you count the host literally having to read his questions off a pizzino.

Los Campesinos!’ blog actually has a Q&A section, and when this threadless video was shown to occasionally Rocktimists blogger (blogger name deleted due to bitch shookness) he was moved to ponder the question of when the female members of LC would be moving into pornography, and I quote: “since she lost her mosher puppyfat the bassist’s got an alt.model look, while the other two are more High Street Honeys”. ILB bonus points to the first person to submit that as a question.

IchLugeBullets’ favourite artist blog comes from one of our long-term idols though, Mr Tom Russell. Notes from the Borderland reads exactly like a Russell lyric (sample post title: “Jesus and Johnny Cash”, sample opening line: “In 1945 an Egyptian named Muhammad Ali, and three of his fellaheen partners, were riding their camels along the Upper Nile”), and while it annoyingly features him coming to terms with Bon Iver and Will Oldham, it does also feature this fantastic piece of pre-election script, where our man looks on at the Republican Party, and Sarah Palin in particular, with the same sense of resignation that Hank does Bobby Hill when he’s doing his prop comedy routines. Recommended.

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