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Damion Suomi – Save Your Ass



You can tell Damion Suomi is some kinda indie kinda folkie kinda not quite coffee shop but not quite bar room thing either thing because a) he’s named his debut album after himself and b) he’s called “Damion Suomi”. With an “o”.  And a “Suomi”.

Regardless, this is a song I definitely fuck with. Over the course of “Damion Suomi” the overall effect the DS gives across is something akin to that fat Cuban guy from the Mavericks harnessing some fountain of youth pattern to travel back to his early 20s with the intent of bedding as many wastrel skanks who’d rather lose a limb than their straightening irons as possible by singing them into bed, except due to some sort of weird shift in the space time continuum he’s forced to do so by singing kinda like Michael Stipe if you squint your ears.

I mean the whole album’s pretty good, don’t get me wrong, but here’s a guy who could go either way: we could be talking about a legit indie-folk talent here or the next Ray cunting Lamontagne (or maybe he sell 200 copies and never be heard of again). Nevertheless, “Save Your Ass” is a straight-up 9.2/10 track and you should cop it now. Wise message contained in it out there as well, for those of my readers who (intensely personal zing at someone in my social circle deleted. It did contain the line “Finnochio who looks like something you’d find stuck down the back of the radiator at Stay Beautiful”, though).



Damion Suomi – Save Your Ass

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