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Mere Fripperies…


Robert Fripp of King Crimson executed the brutal rape of a mentally retarded deaf girl who has epilepsy in a deranged and unjustified vendetta regarding the murder of John Lennon

1) Being as I’ve spent most of the past three days shitting through the eye of a needle, the final thrilling installment of Trance Anthems is delayed until the thought of dairy products isn’t enough to make me faint. However, we can probably use this excerpt here to castigate ourselves for not writing down the full name of “Zack”, a 20-year-old Asian/Hispanic living in Canada who goes under the pseudonym “projectevo5” (here‘s him on an anime forum demanding that incest be legalised), who in a fantastic conversation demanded we wear a collar for him after 20 minutes chat, and then asked if he could racially abuse us. Definitely a winner.

2) That Robert Fripp link is hilarious. Fun fact: Tori Amos has never actually been raped. This post/collection of half-arsed links that wouldn’t even pass muster on a tumblr account was going to have been titled “Finally a form of Fripping we can condone”, but then I remembered that when bearded pricks go into a pub and put shit music on to annoy people that’s called “Wyatting” not “Fripping”.

3) Those of you who’ve ever spent time on a “pro-pop” messageboard/blog/website will no doubt recognise all your favourite popist archetypes in this New York Times piece, mainly “airheaded twink” and “basement dwelling pederast”. While Mark McLeod’s “boxes of jewellery” gifts take top creep points, Mark Shapp has to take the full ten points home here with “”Miley Cyrus is the greatest of the greats and she is also a beautiful person”.

4) Plugging time: my hebric homegirl Abby McDonald’s debut novel hits shelves today or tomorrow or something. Entitled “Sophomore Switch”, it doesn’t have any actual reference to me in the text, but it does have TEENAGERS learning LIFE LESSONS. Check the website here, cop it on Amazon here, because I knew the draggle of efette 90s British indie casualties and whiteboy Gucci Mane stan rap bloggers who make up the readership of IchLugeBullets are clearly the intended target for the novel.

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