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Trance Anthems 2009: Part 4 – tieupgames is somehow still a better music writer than Laura Barton


I’m begging you here: let me finish all of this and go and write something else for this blog. Please. More album reviews from potential rapists who thought that their insight into musical history would lead to a sex slave. Check the previous articles for info. I can’t wait for the days when I can just review the latest Scandipop bullshit here, really. Although, in fairness, kudos to the raging deviant who sent us  the “Eat it up, Sabrina” speech from “American Psycho”. So, therefore, we here at IchLugeBullets would like to recommend any women who want to have a speculum shoved in them that they get this done so by “Havoc”, a 29-year-old Irishman. And back we go to history’s worst men.


The Pervert: demonwolf, again

The Preferences: Somehow forgetting that he’d send a woman on a website a large album review, and instead sending a brand new one.

The Review: 1968 was a very significant year in pop & rock’s music growth and development. The psychedelic mood that started in 1967 together with the experimentation concepts were evolving into a heavier and more aggressive sound that eventually lead into progressive and hard rock during the 70’s. The Beatles contributed to the process of change with this album that consists of a combination of solo and group efforts, and a large variety of different music styles. 

Regardless of the different music preferences and the like or dislike for the Beatles’ music, the “double white” adds value based on the following concepts. First, it offered a summary of almost every style played during the 60’s. (1) Rock’n Roll (“Back To the USSR”, “Every Body’s Got Something To Hide”…), (2) Heavy Rock (“Helter Skelter”, “Birthday”), (3) Electric Blues (“Yer Blues”), (4) Jazz (“Honey Pie”), (5) Folk-Rock (the album’s version of “Revolution”), (6) Folk (“Blackbird”, “I Will” “Julia”, “Rocky Raccoon”), (7) Experimental (“Revolution No 9”), (8) Baroque (“Piggies”), (9) Raw expressions (“Wild Honey Pie”, “Why Don’t We Do It…”), (10) Heavy Ballads (“Happiness is a Warm Gun”, “Dear Prudence”, “Sexy Sadie”) and, (11) Typical 60’s pop (from “Ob-la-di-Ob-la-da”, “While My Guitar…” through “Don’t Pass Me By”). Second, the sound of the instruments evolved significantly as bass was given a protagonic role (“Dear Prudence” or “Birthday”) as opposed to being kept in the back of the tracks. Guitars were used to create a forceful atmosphere (“Helter Skelter”, “Every body’s Got..”… “Yer Blues”). Third, the Beatles’ grew as individual musicians and as a result the instrument switching during the recordings increased, thus George gets to play bass and to invite Clapton into one of his sessions, while Paul plays drums and guitars on more than one track. Many of the tracks reflect the work of a “soloist” or of a soloist with a backing group, and the White Album included more of these solo efforts than any of the Beatles previous material. However, I don’t find that these characteristics diminish the quality of the album. “Blackbird” and “I Will” relate more to McCartney’s solo music than to the Beatles, but so did “Yesterday”, “For No One”, and “Fool On the Hill”. In addition, “Julia”, “Cry Baby Cry” and “Sexy Sadie” were totally Lennon and distant from the Beatles music, but also were tunes like “You’ve Got To Hide Your…”, and “Tomorrow Never Knows”. The same cold be said for Harrison’s compositions, were “Within You and Without You”, “The Inner Light”, or “Love You To”, reflected more George’s mood than the Beatles 60’s music. 

If you have doubts on the value of the “double white” and its subtleties, let me humbly recommend that you “only” compare this material with the sound of the albums issued during 1967 and 1968. Please abstain from comparing the “Double White Album” with 70’s rock groups, contemporary artists, or any other group that emerged and developed after this material was released. I’ve received comments of listeners who argue that many of the tracks sounded raw, unfinished and disconnected from each other. As a result, some seem to think the “White Album” should have been a one record album instead of a double. Analysing the material I find that there are at least 21 songs that have the same quality standard as the material considered as the group’s best. Only 9 tunes out of 30 contained in the album could be questionable. Probably the album should have been a “shorter double album”. 

My final comment is that the “Double White” was an innovative concept at the time it was released and I remind music lovers that most of the Beatles’ music was “perfectly simple”, which made it “simply perfect”. 

Regards, DR


The Pervert: VariedKinks
The Preferences: Oh shit it’s the dude from Masterchef Goes Large! Someone get News of the World on the blower, we’ve discovered scandal. Also says one of his hard limits is “Catholicism”. No rosary beads up the anus for this guy.
The Review: Having read your profile I thought to myself “So, she’s looking for a guy who knows his music – I’ll get in touch.” Then I read the request for a mini essay on my favourite album and hit a wall. First thoughts were London Calling (I own vinyl, CD and anniversary re-issue CD) but the most influential album of the 70s isn’t a hard pick, is it?
So I looked at the CD racks and thought “Is it someone who I’ve collected?”
Miles Davis? Johnny Cash? Cracker? Squarepusher? The Bonzo Dog Band? Primus?
I looked at iTunes (almost 13,000 songs) and scratched my head. One album. There’s a gun at my head and I have to choose one. Bugger.
I plumped for Animals by Pink Floyd.
You’d probably have been happier with my second choice – Aenima by Tool.
However – Animals is, for me, the most ‘complete’ Pink Floyd album, and it manages to steer clear of excessive psychedelic or prog noodling, (despite there being only three ‘real’ songs) delivering a series of songs depicting people as animals, from the sales and marketing ‘Dogs’ whose fate is to end up ‘all alone and dying of cancer’ to the ‘Pigs’ (bus stop rat bag, haha, charade you are) which included Mary Whitehouse. This is the beginning of the end for the band. Roger Waters is bitter, angry and vengeful. No-one is safe as he begins the slide into madness that will eventualy yield The Wall. The playing is superb, the lyrics scathing, satirical and highly amusing in parts, and there isn’t a single bad song on the whole thing. Certainly my favourite, and possibly the only one I ever listen to from start to finish.
Something you ought to know. When I was fifteen I bunked school and loaded Motörhead’s equipment into my local venue. These days I sometimes tour with bands, and I spend most of my working life listening to someone or other making some sort of racket.
As for the “What would you do with me?” question, I see a large bed with ropes attached, and a young girl kneeling, the ropes around her thighs, pulling her legs apart and forwards. Her wrists are tied and the trailing rope has been brought down between her legs and tied off behind her, forcing her head down. A final strand of thick, black cord is threaded through a ring on a collar she wears, making it impossible for her to move.
There are numerous toys and implements, from floggers to butt plugs, nipple chains to a thin, whippy cane. A bowl of ice stands near to a steaming jug of water, into which a glass dildo has been inserted to heat up.
The girl knows she’s about to be worked over by Him. She also knows that He has arranged for a Domme to be present. The girl is going to be required to please them both. For a long time.

The Pervert: airtraz
The Preferences: “I  am a huge flirt and tease as well as upbeat and quickwitted”
The Reviewhmm
the music varies so much
from kansas   point of no return to dust in the wind
to bostons debut album
then again more modern to christina aguilara to jill sobule  
but also know i am a single father so that is a LOT more to consider

The Pervert: tieupgames
The Preferences: This really is the funniest review here. Like, seriously.
The Review: How the hell can you expect someone that loves music as much as me to just pick one cd out of the entire collection? Thats like saying u can only pick one way to be tied up (or put in stocks/chains etc.) Hmm I suppose though the cd i listen too the most at the moment is the Kerrang best of 2005 or perhaps the UB40 live album i have lying around. you understand how much passion can come from music like how some truly great songs can make your heart race and fill your body with adrenaline making you feel invincible. Perhaps though if i had you under my control i would bend you over my kitchen table and play ‘wings of a butterfly’ at full volume. I would get two canes and play your ass like a drum in sync with the music.

The Pervert: beady71
The Preferences: Posting bleeding crotch additions to his profile about how nobody ever responds his messages; believes “etiquete” is an important website where people meet up to arrange rape roleplaying.
The Review: I’m Dave. I’m 37, 5’11”, blue eyed, cropped hair, goatee, have all my own teeth, with a wooden leg, an eyepatch and a parrot on one shoulder. Oh, and I also tend to lie about looking like a pirate.
I’ve been a practising pervert for about 20 years (as you can see on my profile), starting as a sub but more recently I’ve found the Dom side of me has been itching to get out. To fulfil this side of me, I’ve started looking for a sub of my own.
Well, what else to say? You have an interesting profile, as you are evidently passionate about music, as am I. I play a few instruments myself (guitar, bass, drums, sax, clarinet, keyboards, recorder and kazoo), and have a huge music collection. iTunes says that if I played my music non-stop, it’d take me 260 days to go through it all. That of course doesn’t count the stuff I also have on vinyl and tape (yes, I’m an old fogey).
As for my favourite album, well that’s a tough one. I have many favourites, depending on my mood, so would have to narrow it down to only a few.
1) Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd. I think this is a beautiful album, and one that never becomes outmoded. I always associate this album with driving from Birmingham to Sussex, especially along the windy back country roads at night. It’s also a well-constructed, low key play album – ideal for background music for sensual play and a post-play cuddle.
2) Elysium – Fields of the Nephilim. ***disclaimer*** I am not a goth, I am I guess a metalhead, but I just love this album. It’s very atmospheric, and perfect for headfuck play as it’s unobtrusive and yet completely atmospheric. It never fails to give me goosepimples.
3) I could go on for ages, but in brief, The Tea Party – Edges of Twilight, Big Black – Songs about Fucking, Ministry – Rio Grande Blood, Sigur Ros – Agaetis Byrjun, Fear Factory – Obsolete, and all of Half Man Half Biscuit’s discography.
So yeah – it’s hard for me to pick a favourite, because it really does depend on my mood, whether playful, dommy, silly, noisy, annoyed or whatever. Like you I’m a muso, I’m sure it’s also very hard for you to narrow down your favourite album, but I have to ask – so what’s yours?
As for what I’d do for you, well I don’t know – that all depends on what you may like and how that dovetails with my interests. Suffice to say, I have an absolute love of collars and leashes, corsets, high heels, inescapable bondage (chains and padlocks – yum!), humiliaton play, chastity and orgasm training, hair pulling, inflicting pain, hypnosis, objectification, making my sub cry, and many more. The key aspect that does it for me is the D/s dynamic – everything else is merely a wonderful bonus, but without that dynamic it sadly doesn’t work for me.
Anyhow, that’s enough from me. Please reply and tell me more about yourself – including your past history of BDSM, your likes, loves and hates in a kinky and vanilla sense, whether you take sugar in your tea, and of course, your favourite album(s).

The Pervert: deadshibari
The Preferences: Somehow completely missing, like seemingly the entire BDSM community, the possibilities of the pun “Enter Shibari”
The Review: mmmmmmmm well i think i def know my music, have some what build up a vast collection over my years, music from most eras back to 1950 to present day 
i think probably take you 2 to years just to listen to it all in one stretch, trying to put vinyl onto mp3 now and all going slowly but getting there,
use to infact run two alternative 60’s sound track music clubs in brighton years ago 
but i guess still like my darker usic too – fav album would be hard as i constantly change to the differnet mood i am in or memory i feel like bring back 
i guess i prefer the less unknow such groups as the tindersticks 
songs that are naturallly beatiful and meaningful 
full of sorrow and sadness yet somehow magically and beautiful to listen to 
dean & bitta are another such group 

less unknow such groups as the tindersticks
less unknow such groups as the tindersticks
less unknow such groups as the tindersticks
less unknow such groups as the tindersticks
less unknow such groups as the tindersticks

I give in on humanity, I really do.
  1. March 7, 2009 at 9:01 pm

    Beady71 plays the recorder AND the kazoo?? Oh be still my beating heart, I’ve always looked for a man to rape me then help my five year old cousin with his music homework…

  2. March 13, 2009 at 7:06 pm

    “I suppose though the cd i listen too the most at the moment is the Kerrang best of 2005 or perhaps the UB40 live album i have lying around.”

    That made me laugh out loud for the first time in fifteen years.

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