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ILB’s week in Spotify playlists #2


From the blog you all know and love as being written by “yet another clueless wannabe music critic“, and was told by one girl this week that if I hadn’t been gassed from The Guardian she would have sucked my dick, we hereby present another brief glimpse of what we’ve been fucking with over the past seven days on hot new Web2.0 thing Spotify. We’d like to thank Charlie of Busted and Fightstar for posing for this week’s introductory photo as well.

IchLugeBullets Spotify playlist week 2


Charlie Poole – If The River Was Whiskey

From the utterly fantastic “Maverick Country” compilation that’s floating around Spotify, “If The River Was Whiskey” makes me nostalgic for the halcyon days of two years ago when the Cowboy Cultural Society was still broadcasting to the internet: a radio station solely dedicate to the kind of anthems that could soundtrack the heartache only known to a true cowpoke. The webpage the radio station that CCS’s programmer used to work for has an awkward section dedicated to her where they’ve just taken her biography they had on page when she was still alive, and just added “Laura Ellen left us on Memorial Day 2007 at 7:15A.M., due to complications from cancer” at the end of it, as if she died halfway through them writing it. As an addendum to the song itself, Charlie Poole actually died at the end of a thirteen week drinking bender, implying that maybe he wasn’t hardy enough to drink a riverful of whiskey.

Little Tony – Cuore Matto

As much as we’d love to write about another of my father’s favourite 60s Italian rock ‘n’ roll stars ourselves, we really couldn’t match the level of insight brought by the blog “Canzoni Italiane” when talking about The Prettier Tone. Take it away guys:

LITTLE TONY partecipes to Sanremo, that year. It’s the 10th time…He is the “Italian version” of Elvis Presley, of course, the hair, the dresses, the music, many songs (only translated)… But he always saids that he was a “fan” of Elvys… When in Italy, at the end of ’50’s, comes the Rock’n roll is not the same thing that in Usa. in Usa there are jazz, blues, and all black culture ( or sub-culture, as saids in that time). In Italy all songs tolds about love and good extings, as the ‘mom’; the sea and the sun; ( a part a very little èlite) and when in the first years of ’60’s a ” new stylife” cames together the new sound a ‘cultural revolution’ starts in Italy and it extends for many years. To talk now, of these things it’s hard to understand what  means rock’n roll music in these years and in the earth of Italian boys, but something starts to change and only 10 years after, nothing will be the same. Little Tony isn’t a ‘political’ singer. He plays only rock’n roll, and for 10-15 years the Italian music, mixed with old words of tradition becomes one of best music of the moment and these songs still plays in the fests, or re-made in the discoteques, after 40 or 50 years!! I choose the oldest versions of Little Tony; I hope You enjoin its!

Bobbie Gentry – Casket Vignette

Always a good outside pick for your dead pool team, what with her descent into hermitry in the 1970s, Bobbie Gentry is better known for her take on such light-hearted topics as guilt-ridden gay abortionists killing themselves and how to sell your daughter into sex slavery, but she also found time to tackle the serious issue of funeral home workers macking on widows. Contains the best non-DWYCK reference to lemonade in pop history.

MC Lyte – Lyte As A Rock

a-a-a-a-a-a-s a rock! There’s a strong argument for this being the second greatest piece of art ever made by a Scientologist, just behind “Boiler Room”.


Ghostface ft Trife – Biscuits

Trife Diesel, man… New York’s backbone, back home, formerly the deliverer of 40% of rap critics’ favourite verse from 2004, latterly… yeah. I mean, do we really need “Notorious”? I’m sure we could have 100 young hungry black actors ready for a Mickey Rourke-esque turn in Trife da God’s lifestory. Seriously, if you want a critical hit on your hand, someone turn the story of Trife’s debut solo album into a downbeat “one man’s struggle against the system” biopic. There’s more money in there than an actual Trife release, put it that way.


Hank Snow – I’ve Been Everywhere

Always remember this being used to advertise mortgages on TV when I was a kid. Written by an Australian as well. One of the few songs JCash covered that he didn’t turn into his own: this is Snow’s joint because he’s so unnervingly cheerful and vanilla that it’s really fucked up and unnerving when he says “I’m a killer” out of nowhere. When JC did that, you just go “right, and?”


Trae ft Birdman, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne – 100 Million

IchLugeBullets facts: I was fucking with a white middle class girl half-Dutch girl earlier in the year who was inordinately knowledgeable about Southern rap. That’s not a good look, it’s really not helping anyone if they’re being schooled about Project Pat releases by a chick who looks like she strokes her mimsy over thoughts of picnics with The Pains of Being Pure At Heart. Some great verses here: RAWSE doing his usual schtick, Weezy making a poop gag that was so popular it gets looped and repeated for about 40 seconds, and Jeezy let us know that he’s “Cool like Dre”, despite Dre from Cool and Dre possibly being only the fifth most famous Dre in rap music.


Blue Lagoon – Break My Stride

Nobody does ragga-influenced Eurodancetunes anymore. Is this the price we pay for jumpstyle and Cascada hegemony? Bring back Black Duck’s “Whiggle In Line“, imo. Video features a duck furry rubbing his tits and a woman who latter went on to host late night quiz shows on UK TV pretending to be Whigfield.


Billie the Vision and the Dancers – You Better Watch Out, ‘Cause I Like You

Not dedicated to anyone I know. When I went for my interview at the NME (don’t ask) I suggested BtVatD as one of the kind of bands they should be covering. Because, y’know, a twee-pop band consider of a black drag queen and a woman who looks exactly like Jessica Stevenson-Hynes is really what would make an obvious next step from, I don’t fucking know, the Tigerpicks or Does It Strike You As Having Any Real Commercial Appeal, Yeah? For the days when the NME covered real bands like The View and The Fratellis, man…


The Bee Gees – I Just Gotta Get A Message To You

Dedicated to all my brothers who survived the great Gmail outage of 2009. We stayed strong, we came through better people. This is a fucking classic as well, straight up 10/10. Really not sure about that typewriter sample, though.

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