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The Indelicates ft Mikey Art Brut, Nicky Biscuit and Keith Totp- The Recession Song


“How’s it gonna sell now there’s nobody to buy it?

I actually do predict an actual riot”


At some point circa 2006 I resolved to stop making myself compatible with fat hoodrat northern indie girls, so resultantly I’ve been on an ideological boycott of all Art Brut recordings ever since. The fact that they’re a fucking dreadful band has made this somewhat easier, admittedly.

But anyway, “Mikey” isn’t their lead singer, so we can get over that here. To complete dramatis personae, Nicky Biscuit is one of the Subliminal Girls, Keith Totp is in a band with one of Carter USM, and The Indelicates, as you should know by now, provided all of the non-Black Milk-assisted musical highpoints of the 08, as well as providing IchLugeBullets album of the year nomination.

And, in what can only be described as an act of stunning generosity in these cash-strapped times, they’ve released a free download single which effectively features them making like Bobby Heenan and Mr Perfect after the 1992 Royal Rumble and giving it all that “We’re not the kinda guys to say we told you so, but [beat] we told you so”

It’s more ramshackle than the usual Indelicates fare… some would just point to the presence of a member of Art Brut being present, but to these ears it sounds more like a redbrick university take on The Damned… I mean, we fuck with this here at ILB, because a) it’s The Indelicates b) you can do those weird ass indie northern soul dance moves to it  (you know the ones I’m talking about, the ones that look like people with ME morris dancing) c) they’ve even put a video together for it. What the fuck else do you want?

The Indelicates – The Recession Song

Also, current blap fantasy is Julia Indelicate and the sullen faced chick they have in the Viz photo stories at the same time. Just saying, like.

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