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IchLugeBullets needs your assistance to make the world a much better place



Morning, Spotifiers. In what we believe is a first in rock and roll media, we’re handing over the virtual decks on the WORD office to you, the reader. All day today (Friday 20th Feb) we’re going to play the music you choose.

There’s a collaborative Spotify playlist linked below, which you can add to and help build up. We’ll play it all day and listen to whatever you select (and we’ll choose our favourites for another, Best Of You Are The DJ list). And we’ll be playing it on shuffle, so no need to worry if you get started late. Your track has just as much chance of being played as an early addition.

The Spotify list is here – click and it’ll launch (as long as you’ve got Spotify). If you need to download Spotify, it’s available here.

And of course, you can play the list via your own computer and assess the musical taste of the WORD Hive Mind yourself.

1] Post one track at a time. No complete albums or huge runs of a single artist – we’ll delete them.
2] There are no other rules.

We’ll be tweeting our reactions here so you can see what we think of the tracks as they play. And you can monitor exactly what we’re playing right now via the miracle of our Last.fm page, which will be scrobbling the tracks live.


If anyone else would like to join me in repeatedly adding “Come With Me” by Special D over and over again to their playlist, it’d be much appreciated.
  1. Rrrr
    February 20, 2009 at 3:18 pm

    The Word’s blog is one of the worst things on the whole internet. It seems to be wholly populated by the type of person who repeatedly sends hilarious emails to radio shows pointing out the shortcomings of the lyrics to Thin Lizzy’s ‘Jailbreak’.

    The recent thread ‘I hate to admit this but…….’ is pretty jawdropping.

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