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Royce Da 5’9 – Part Of Me


If I was the worst kind of blogtard I’d say something like “Hat tip to deej from So Many Shrimp” on this one, but while I did first hear about this track from there I didn’t actually listen to it until it came up while I was scouting Youtube for lesbian nurse cosplay.

Long-term ILB readers will be fully aware that Royce was this site’s personal pick for the artiste of 2008, and in a 2009 rap release schedule that totters between Eminem’s exhumed corpse dropping body parts and fart noises all over the place on one side and Asher fucking Roth on the other, Da 5’9’s Q2 release “Street Hop” is really the only thing we can muster up the strength to be excited for. Oh yeah, maybe “The Seventh Seal” will finally come out this year. lol

The first track to leak from “Street Hop” was the previously discussed Primo joint “Shake This”, a song it made sense to lead with: being as Royce has only become a “best rapper out there” contender in the past 18 months and that his commercial peak was around a decade ago, it made sense to do a “summary of my career to date with the biggest name producer I’m going to get”. It just wasn’t AMAZING, though.

“Part of Me”… I’m tempted to say it’s amazing, I’m not sure. It’s certainly an amazing concept: how many other rappers looking to blow or make underground-to-mainstream moves this year are going to be doing so by reviving the lost art of horrorcore? If by the time 2010 rolls around the most influential rapper on the scene is Killah Priest, I’ll consider 2009 to have been a year of strong improvement.

As for the video: n/h but Royce fills out a suit well, and Joell Ortiz’s role as the jovial bartender makes me think that he’d be well suited for a sitcom position where he played the bear landlord of a gay bar. And it’s nice to have some good old fashioned ’98 style story rap on release again, especially with a “Did you see what I did there?” twist-in-the-tail repetition of the chorus at the beginning and end of the song. 

Apropos of that, and spoiler warnings, here’s an MP3 detailing some of the happier times Royce has had with his penis, the best track he did with Premier, “My Friend.


“When he’s running his mouth, you hear sounds from me”.

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