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A brief consideration of BiasedBBC’s YouTube favourites folder



Google Reader clearly doesn’t think much of my current political positions. In addition to (repeatedly, over and over and over again) suggesting that I subscribe to Nah Right’s RSS feed (God forbid I get out of the loop when it comes to Freeway drops), it keeps on pushing me in the direction of various right-wing political blogs. Diary columns from the Daily Mail, Conservative Home, various Tory MP constituency blogs… and Biased BBC.

I’m not gonna bother with a link, they don’t really need the attention, but you can guess their steez from their name: bunch of dudes don’t want to pay their license fee and rather than justify this by going “I would quite like an extra buck 20 a year”, instead spend their entire living days searching for liberal bias in the songs on Big Cook Little Cook. Whatever whatever: it serves a purpose as a blog and, I suppose, if the BBC was wiped off the face of the earth it’d mean that Mark Wootton wouldn’t get a fourth chance to launch his career.

I’m not here to talk about them, though. I want to talk about their YouTube account. On it, they’ve hosted around 40 videos of BBC bias/”bias” that they discuss in depth on their site, all well and good. But… whoever the site’s editor is has also used the account for his own personal surfing, and catalogued his own personal favourite YouTube clips. Let’s see what “Andrew” reps for then, outside of spluttering into his port about Today headlines.

Of first note is that he has three subscriptions: one to TheRoyalChannel (Gawd bless ‘er, she always had a smile for everyone), one for a Welsh medical surgery’s YouTube channel (most viewed clips include how to know if you have chlamydia and what a breathalyzer entails) and “geriatric1927”. Geriatric1927 was, for the short of memory, the UK’s first YouTube celebrity, thrilling us all by, you know, being an old dude sitting in front of a web camera. Sadly, our man has fell off from his earlier days of YT fame and G2 articles about him, and now struggles to reach four figures with his YouTube clips. To put that into some perspective, in the time it takes the old man to reach 5,500 hits, long-time ILB favourite panacea81 has clocked up 71,000. Still, at least there’s a player for your dead pool team next year.

Back to BiasedBBC’s YouTube picks. Some of the stuff on there is inevitable: the doctored footage from the documentary on The Queen, the BBC inserting fake footage into a clip of Halo 3, BBC radio host reads out a string of dull inneuendos. There’s the chest beating military footage as well: stoic dudes in the Falklands, stoic dudes in Iraq, stoic dudes in Iraq kicking a wicked 16. There’s some old bloke-friendly commercials: The Sweeney Advert for the Nissan Almera, the Carling Black Label squirrel. And some “climate change morelike climate gaynge” ish as well. It’s what you’d expect really: the BBC is lame, multiculturalism is lamer, I like guns and good old fashioned TV the way it used to be, you can stick your skinny latte where the sun don’t shine.

Which is why it gets confusing that the most recent favourited video by our Andrew is… “Dance Wiv Me” by Dizzee Rascal and Calvin Harris. Truly, you never thought that hip-hop would take it this far. It’s weird really, because you wouldn’t have thought Calvin Harris fans could be unpleasant, objectionable people, but there you go.

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