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ILB’s week in Spotify playlists #2

February 26, 2009 1 comment


From the blog you all know and love as being written by “yet another clueless wannabe music critic“, and was told by one girl this week that if I hadn’t been gassed from The Guardian she would have sucked my dick, we hereby present another brief glimpse of what we’ve been fucking with over the past seven days on hot new Web2.0 thing Spotify. We’d like to thank Charlie of Busted and Fightstar for posing for this week’s introductory photo as well.

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HOT NEW BEEF: Perez Hilton vs NORE

February 24, 2009 Leave a comment

Not since Charles Hamilton versus Soulja Boy has IchLugeBullets been so emotionally involved in a war of words between two of our generation’s most important voices. Can we get some Drudge Sirens up in here for a second please?

animated-siren-gif-animated-siren-gif-animated-siren-gif-drudge-reportanimated-siren-gif-animated-siren-gif-animated-siren-gif-drudge-reportanimated-siren-gif-animated-siren-gif-animated-siren-gif-drudge-reportanimated-siren-gif-animated-siren-gif-animated-siren-gif-drudge-reportanimated-siren-gif-animated-siren-gif-animated-siren-gif-drudge-report Read more…

The Indelicates ft Mikey Art Brut, Nicky Biscuit and Keith Totp- The Recession Song

February 24, 2009 Leave a comment


“How’s it gonna sell now there’s nobody to buy it?

I actually do predict an actual riot” Read more…

You know what film has a good soundtrack? Ghost World.

February 23, 2009 1 comment



Yo, this post is dedicated to all my heads that spent 2002 through 2006 fucking with girls who oh-so-studiously spent their time attempting to cop Enid Coleslaw’s style, but’d never admit to having Ghost World as a favourite film in their Friendster/Myspace/whateverthefuck we used back then profile. It’s also taken me seven years to realise that “Enid Coleslaw” is an anagram of “Daniel Clowes”. I thought he was just being cute. Read more…

IchLugeBullets needs your assistance to make the world a much better place

February 20, 2009 1 comment



Morning, Spotifiers. In what we believe is a first in rock and roll media, we’re handing over the virtual decks on the WORD office to you, the reader. All day today (Friday 20th Feb) we’re going to play the music you choose.

There’s a collaborative Spotify playlist linked below, which you can add to and help build up. We’ll play it all day and listen to whatever you select (and we’ll choose our favourites for another, Best Of You Are The DJ list). And we’ll be playing it on shuffle, so no need to worry if you get started late. Your track has just as much chance of being played as an early addition.

The Spotify list is here – click and it’ll launch (as long as you’ve got Spotify). If you need to download Spotify, it’s available here.

And of course, you can play the list via your own computer and assess the musical taste of the WORD Hive Mind yourself.

1] Post one track at a time. No complete albums or huge runs of a single artist – we’ll delete them.
2] There are no other rules.

We’ll be tweeting our reactions here so you can see what we think of the tracks as they play. And you can monitor exactly what we’re playing right now via the miracle of our page, which will be scrobbling the tracks live.


If anyone else would like to join me in repeatedly adding “Come With Me” by Special D over and over again to their playlist, it’d be much appreciated.

Post-midnight YouTube filler: My Chemical Romance – I’m Not Okay (I Promise) (#19, March 2005)

February 20, 2009 1 comment


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i can’t believe gerard wrote this after his addicton to cocanie(i think, maybe it was somethin else) but i hav felt alone, rejected, confuesed, lost, anxious, wronged, you know. baisicly the song, except i’m a chick Read more…

In review: Notorious (2009)

February 19, 2009 3 comments


As a rapper, Christopher Wallace was always a man with a message to deliver to his audience, whether it was about the emotion effect that a woman’s breast cancer can have on her son, or the benefits of grabbin’ yo dick. Accordingly, Notorious is a movie that contains three explicit messages. Here they are, in ascending order of screen time afforded them:

1) Irrespective of whether you’ve been cheating on your girl or just going Chris Brown on her ass, all you need to do is beatbox to win your lady’s heart back
2) Despite heaps of circumstantial evidence, rumour, industry supposition, and that one song Papoose did, Sean Combs had no role or implication in the jacking or murder of Tupac Shakur, or the latter murder of his friend and employee The Notorious BIG
3) Lil Kim is a cunt

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Royce Da 5’9 – Part Of Me

February 17, 2009 Leave a comment


If I was the worst kind of blogtard I’d say something like “Hat tip to deej from So Many Shrimp” on this one, but while I did first hear about this track from there I didn’t actually listen to it until it came up while I was scouting Youtube for lesbian nurse cosplay. Read more…

A brief consideration of BiasedBBC’s YouTube favourites folder

February 16, 2009 Leave a comment



Google Reader clearly doesn’t think much of my current political positions. In addition to (repeatedly, over and over and over again) suggesting that I subscribe to Nah Right’s RSS feed (God forbid I get out of the loop when it comes to Freeway drops), it keeps on pushing me in the direction of various right-wing political blogs. Diary columns from the Daily Mail, Conservative Home, various Tory MP constituency blogs… and Biased BBC. Read more…

Is there an argument to be made for the Bloodhound Gang?

February 14, 2009 5 comments


It’s been a little confusing for me, watching Charlotte Roche’s rise to being an Important Literary Figure and the Queen of TMI, if only because I can remember her previous calling. Like many an immigrant family, I grew up in a house with a hooky satellite dish. In addition to supplying us with the requisite RAI and Mediaset channels so my father could spend roughly 1/5 of his living life watching Walker: Texas Ranger in Italian, it also gave us German music channels. As a 14-year-old, the alternative station “Viva Zwei” was fucking manna for me, providing me with all those exciting new bands that were sure to be equally loved by myself and the wider world over a decade later: The Arsonists, Three Colours Red, Scott 4, Brassy. Read more…