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Top 10 comments posted underneath a YouTube video featuring a slideshow of magazine covers set to Mitch Miller’s “The Yellow Rose of Texas”

A brief moment’s celebration if you will: Claude Carpentieri has made like Roberto Duran and shouted out “No mas, no mas!”. As of around midnight yesterday, all reference to IchLugeBullets and it’s chirpy chappy editor have been wiped off “Hegley Road To Ladywood” or whateverthefuck it was called, and instead been replaced with our Claude agreeing with Yasmin Alibhai-Brown that the white working classes are the most disgusting savages on the planet. He’s a charmed that kid.

Anyway, how better to celebrate this throwing in of the towel than by heading over to popular video-sharing website “YouTube” and cutting a rug to the first ever number one to take place in the rock’n’roll era (ie, the first Billboard topper after “Rock Around The Clock”) “The Yellow Rose of Texas” by Mitch Miller?

Three points:

1) Mitch Miller is, somehow, still not dead, and far too old to consider to consider dropping in any dead pool teams this year

2) The song “The Yellow Rose of Texas”, far from being about flowers, was originally a minstrel show banger about how black dudes wanted to fuck mixed-race types because they looked a little bit more like white women than your comon-or-garden blacks

3) No YouTube video, in as small a number of comments, provides as much hilarity as the video to this pop classic does. ILB would like to take a hot minute if it could and share its ten favourite with you.


10. mkl62 (11 months ago)  +1    Reply | Spam


A #1 hit for Mitch Miller. Hey, Howard Cunningham, the Big Band era wasn’t quite over yet. I can just see Richie riding through Milwaukee with that song blasting from his convertible, or Fonzie punching the juke box at Arnold’s and that song playing. The folk music episode is fresh in my mind when I hear this. From Big Band to Rock ‘n’ Roll to Folk. “A commie plot,” said Fonzie.


9. nightravenonline (10 months ago)  +1    Reply | Spam


The woemn was pretier at that time, lovely girls – bodies…class hair – lips . 


regards from Denmark


8. ragemanchoo82 (4 months ago)  0    Reply | Spam

I’ve heard the song has to with an Asian woman who inadvertently helped Texas during its early years, before it was a state. (I could be wrong)


7. 1livingdeadgrl (3 months ago)  0    Reply | Spam

ok so does anyone know where the truest and oringinal version is ?



6. AndyPokemaster (3 months ago)  +2    Reply | Spam

we have to sing in school in the Czech Republic,


5. blueticecho (7 months ago)   -1    Reply | Spam

It is said that mitch miller once said that BUDDY HOLLEY was the biggest no talent he ever heard!!If this is true boy what a PRICK!!@!


4. eStick1 (2 months ago)  +3    Reply | Spam

Forgot about this song. They played this in “W.”


3. bloodykatana (1 month ago)  0    Reply | Spam

I saw that movie… just consolidated my opinion of him… WORST PRESENT OF ALL TIME


2. ProudAmericanBeauty (1 month ago)  +4    Reply | Spam

thats the problem with america no one stands behind our presidents democrat or republican I believe Bush was a good president do you think just because hes a president he cant make mistakes hes human just like obama will make mistakes and so would have mccain if he would have one our presidents are still human and they make mistakes this comments goes to chriskolinek



1. plukkeheid (1 month ago)  +2    Reply | Spam

great song !!


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