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Post-Midnight YouTube filler: Wideboys ft Dennis G – Sambuca (#15, October 2001)


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ive got their msn!!!!!!!!!!!!! seroiusly no joke.. they cum and play in club vibe alot down sheff

IchLugeBullets has spoken previously about how the British music scene, from the viewpoint of your common-or-garden Midlands-ish teenager, went down when I was in sixth form. There was nu-metal, and there was 2-step. If you wanted to be weird and alternative you could have gone off to listen to strange left-of-field experimental acts like Jurassic 5 or Mercury Rev, but on the whole if it wasn’t “A Little Bit of Luck” or “All My Best Friends Are Metalheads”, it wasn’t getting any play on the commons’ room jukebox.

I know fuck all about 2-step. Less then fuck all. I had to Google before I started writing this because I couldn’t remember which ones were Wideboys (garage production types who had a brief chart comeback with another failed attempt at relaunching Shaznay Lewis’s career a few years back) and which ones were Wiseguys (post-big beat irritants, had a #2 hit with “Ooh La La” even though their best track was the Ben Folds Five meets Monk and Canatela-esque “Start the Commotion”). I even grew to hate garage for a short while, on account of my first ever job (£2.25 an hour on weekends selling double glazing via cold calling) was conducted in an office that had one CD, which was the single version of “Flowers” by Sweet Female Attitude. Said CD was played in continual rotation during my shift, so over the course of one month I heard that song around on around 400 occasions. Good times, great memories.

Anyway, while I was busy playing Championship Manager, Worms Armageddon, and discovering internet porn, some kids in my year had got their hustle on. Endless DJs, anyone who could have picked up a fucking set of turntables was passing themselves off as one and getting £15 to spin fucking ATB to a crowd of 35 people on a Thursday night upstairs at Revolution. But some kids seemed to care about it more, either politicked or learned their way into it as a regular career… from what I can see from my Facebook account, at least one of them’s turned it into a full-time career. Which, y’know, congratulations on all that.

But there was another guy who spent a lot of time on it. He DJ’d 2-step, I remember. I can actually remember him talking about the Wideboys remix of something or other at the back of a psychology lesson once. Tall lad, captain of the school football team. I remember him going for trials at Leicester City or Wolves or someone at one point… clearly thought he was too good for Northampton Town. Whatever, he was a pleasant enough guy, despite being head prefect as well, and 2-step DJing is a dirty job, someone’s got to do it.

Which is why… which is why when I expected for this guy to ever show up on my radar again, I didn’t really expect it to be because he’d been cast as the new Dr Who. When I expected him to show up on my radar again, I didn’t expect it to be accompanied by lots of message board kiddies posting “Jesus Christ, take a look at this fucking indie douchebag, does he think he’s in The Courteeners or something?” I can tell you this for something, when he was in sixth form Matt Smith would have been hard fucking pressed to name any band with a guitar in, let alone mark himself down as part of some indie kid movement. I’m 70% sure he DJ’d under the name “DJ Smiffy”, for what it’s worth.

And now he’s briefly the most famous guy in the UK, Robert Pattinson without Down’s Syndrome. Which is annoying, because until now the bar for high achievement for our year at school was that one with the fish eyes who chased his girlfriend through Northampton Bus Station with a knife. He made page three of the Northampton Chronicle and Echo with that. And now our entire yeargroup has to step its fucking game up, just because they were too fucking lazy to hire Patterson Joseph. Way to bring on a mid-20s crisis, guys.

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