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Post-midnight Youtube filler: Kiki Dee – Star (#13, February 1981)



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Whilst probably known to a UK audience almost solely as the theme tune to OG zinger Bob Monkhouse’s awesome “Opportunity Knocks” variety show, I still had this down as being a top ten, maybe even top five single. Clearly the social and economic malaise of the 1981 meant that this wasn’t the kind of music people were ready for back then, and consequently, excluding her appearance on Elton John’s “True Love”, Kiki Dee never had a top 40 single again. A shame. And, resultantly, we here at ILB feel that if the public doesn’t care about Kiki Dee, no matter how awesome this tune is, we shouldn’t either. So instead of reviewing this track on its own merit, we’ll review it in comparison to what Youtube has listed as its “related videos” instead.


Top of the pops – February 1981 Part 4 – Features a count down of the top 20, and when XTC and Dire Straits are in a chart you know you’re in for good times. Kiki comes in to perform “Star” halfway through to justify this video’s “related” tag, and then Joe Dulce takes Italian coonery to new heights at #1 with “Shaddap Your Face”. FUN FACT:  Joe Dolce thinks I’m a cunt.

Alison Moyet- Love Resurrection – Hey, you know who makes fucking awful music and never gets called out on it? Alison Moyet. “All Cried Out” was OK, though. Anyway, early 80s powerful female vocalists over some electropop, you see how it gets Kiki-connected.

Taylor Dayne – Tell It To My Hart – The original female blonde recording artist called Taylor nobody outside of the 50 states gave a flying shit about. Always thought this was by 5-Star to be honest. Those guys must get hella pissed off that nobody ever calls them to appear on “clapped out celeb” reality shows. Anyway, Taylor Dayne is effectively Kiki Dee minus bake sales plus some insidious notion of “soul”, so again, you see how this shows up.

Flock of Seagulls – I Ran – Being as this is one of the high points of recording music, I’d assume it appears in “related videos” insofar as “Because Kiki Dee is a musician, we can assume she one day aspires to record a song as amazing as ‘I Ran'”

Chicory Tip – Son of My Father – Being as it was the first ever track with a synthesizer in to make it to #1 in the UK, the following ten years of British electropop of course stood on the shoulder of these giants, “Star” included. Track now best remembered for being the subject of a hilarious gag in the Jasper Carrot/Robert Powell sitcom classic “The Detectives”

Sailor Moon – Let The River Run – Um…. a fanmade video featuring clips of Sailor Moon set to the soundtrack of the 1988 Melanie Griffith vehicle Working Girl. This… this is connected to Kiki Dee by… umm… the 80s? Still, at least there can’t be any more confusing connected videos for “Star” by Kiki Dee

British Fascist Society – I Vow To Thee My Country – Toe-tapping club anthem that’s sure to get everyone up on the floor at whatever wedding reception you play it at. And you don’t just get a great pop track with this video, you also get some powerful images that MAKE YOU THINK, such as old maps, racist caricatures of black politicians, and racist caricatures of black politicians dissolve fading into old maps. Uploaded by a charming character called peppermintjohn666, whose last action on Youtube was to favourite a clip by uber-mediocre Radio 4 comedian Mitch Benn. So there we have it: if you enjoy the comedy of Mitch Benn, you’re a racist. Undeniable fact.

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