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Post-midnight Youtube filler: R Kelly ft T-Pain – Same Girl (Remix) (Not released in the UK)


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ummmmmmmmm it dnt make ne sense becuz in da original dey found out daht tee-tee was a twin and nah dey still fuckin her dat mus mean she is a triplet r sumtin but i do luv da songSo originally ILB was gonna throw this utterly pointless video at you to fill the gaps after we’ve finished working a 13-hour shift, to remind you of those happy pre-50 Cent days when Eminem only battled artists that nobody could possibly give a shit about, and to ponder the line “With that blonde caesar (haircut) you look like a ho”, which begs the question of what kinda women Everlast hangs out with on a day-to-day basis.

But no. Kells. Far too fucking much has been written about Robert Kelly from the viewpoint of kitsch, irony, depreceation, and vaguely racist appraising. People seem to be afraid to credit him with intelligence for some reason, which is a shame: if anything, R Kelly can be seen as the R&B Vivian Stanshall,the kind of person who comes up with 20 musical ideas a day and is as eager to put the bad ones into practice as the good ones, and you can even contrast Kelly’s awkward “porn script” smooth loverman act with Stanshall’s musical hall innuendo. Although apparently your career suffers a lot less if you piss in a 13-year-old girl’s mouth than if you accidentally burn yourself to death after falling asleep smoking.

“Same Girl” was the best “textbook” Kells track, accordingly: it’s an “event” track (Kelly! Usher! On the same CD!), it allows him to do his Afternoon Playhouse storytelling rhymes; it’s based on a pretty ridiculous conceit (R Kelly and Usher are being double cuckolded by a fan of waffles); and it allows an even more retarded remix where T-Pain turns out and it turns out the same women has been fucking all three celebrities. Which, to his detriment, was a plotline Stanshall never employed on “Rawlinson’s End”.

I have no idea why my favourite R Kelly of the past three years has been nearly all remix work though. I think there’s just something about the presence of him on the track that is improved by the feeling that he’s never actually met or being in the same studio with the person he’s supposed to be interacting with on the song. In the spirit of which, here’s his guest verse on the remix of “Lookin’ Boy”

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