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IchLugeBullets reviews the Christmas TV

December 29, 2008 2 comments



Over Christmas, ILB made its triumphant return to its ancestral home of Northampton, better known to you all as the birthplace of the brunette one from the “Call On Me” video. What I discovered over four days’ respite was that a) Northamptonians still are, in my absence, the ugliest people in Britain and b) we’re finally getting a Nando’s, on the site of the former HSBC bank. On the latter note, I finally understand the feelings that were going through Michelle Obama’s head when she said “For the first time in my life, I’m proud of my country.” Read more…


Oh no you didn’t…

December 24, 2008 1 comment


Merry Christmas! Read more…

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Post-midnight Youtube filler: The Flying Pickets – Only You (#1, November 1983), plus Claude Carpentieri arguing that white people should be proud of their white culture and not follow inferior black forms

December 24, 2008 5 comments

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Sorry mate. My brother used to try to sing it when it was out (he was a toddler), he died in 2003. Nothing so evocative as throwaway pop songs eh! Read more…

Hum Hallelujah

December 22, 2008 11 comments



One of the most commonly asked questions amongst me and fellow failed music hacks who keep a piece of shit blog with 200 readers a day is: why The Guardian? Why are you wasting the bandwith of WordPress, Blogspot and the hosting company of the message board you spend five hours a day on by pissing and moaning about Rosie Swash/Tony Naylor/that one racist broad who edits Rwd? Read more…

Memorial weekend on #2 – J-Zone’s active recording career

December 21, 2008 Leave a comment

The second in a series of two posts over this pre-Christmas weekend paying tribute to two aspects of ILB culture that passed away in the previous seven days.


Officially, he’s termed himself “moving onto other things”. Technically, he hadn’t rhymed on a track (as himself, at least) since early 2007. In reality, he’ll probably still turn up to drop a few beats, a few mixtape spots, a podcast or whatever every now and then. But still, J-Zone’s further retirement from rap music is has made me pull the colon/open bracket face in real life. Read more…

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Memorial weekend on #1 – The sexual availability of Christina Hendricks

December 21, 2008 6 comments

The first in a series of two posts over this pre-Christmas weekend paying tribute to two aspects of ILB culture that passed away in the previous seven days.



Only a fool would deny that Christina Hendricks represents the American Dream distilled. Two-and-a-half years ago she was third fiddle in some piece of shit sci-fi show that nobody could ever possibly cared about, and was forced to attend conventions where she hung out with crazy characters like this: Read more…

Who killing them in the UK?

December 19, 2008 3 comments


Content has been a little low on this site recently on account of the large amount of mucus that’s currently pouring out of four different orificices on my face. However, even battling with what, due to my state of illness, I can only assume to be viral meningitis, I can still find time to get massively annoyed by Estelle. Read more…

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