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Mixtape for your forthcoming rape


We’re not going to lie: every so often we here at ILB have an idea that doesn’t quite come off in the execution. We don’t research the idea properly, there’s not enough content to justify a blog post, or we end up playing four hours of online Scrabble while eating clementines instead. Our idea of visiting an online rape fetishist community to ask them for music recommendations would definitely fall into this category of “the road to WordPress hell is paved with good intentions”.

The message board in question was “Ravishment University”, “rav” apparently being the preferred code-term for rape fetishists, as well as the name of an Indian guy I work with. Their logo looks like this:


Now, call me cynical, but none of those people look like they’ve been recently raped. They’re clearly porn stars, so obviously they were raped by their uncle as children, but none of them appear to have been raped in the lead to these photos being taken.

Anyway, so we signed up with the following profile:


And hung around the site for a few days so as not to look like an obvious troll. Although you have to remember we were trying to fit into a society of people who FANTASISE ABOUT BEING RAPED FOR CHRIST’S SAKE, so it’s not as if we really could “act bizarre”. 

Anyway, after a few days ILB posted to the “Ravishment, forced sex and BDSM” folder. You have to remember here we were battling it up against topics like “Where do you go to get raped?” (suggested answer being, and remember that the original poster was a woman, “a gay bar”); “What would you think about a reality rape style competition?” (or the “Manchester United Christmas party”, as it’s usually known), and my personal favourite: “RAPE – A MORALE DILEMMA” (I imagine being raped would cause a massive problem for your morale, yes). Anyway, we were fighting against these topics which may explain why we only got two response before people went back to a poll as to what’s the sexiest amount of time to be stalked before being raped. But, man, what responses.

Our original post went as follows:

first “real” post to the site…

me and my partner do a lot of rape rp between us… sometimes with others, sometimes just alone… but to me it seems a little artificial to do it in near silence, or indeed soundtracked only by my tears and the cries of “you filthy fucking whore”.

what i want to do is start putting together itunes playlists of music for me to be raped to, so it can be playing in the background during it. i was thinking stuff like tori amos, patsy cline, joan osbourne, melanie, sara bareilles (sp), gene and enya. should i be putting on more aggressive or noisy musics   

i’m after suggestions or evne you’re own anecdotes really. Thanks


And before you say anything, yes I do know I probably could have thought of a funnier band than Gene. As we’ve already said, this idea was flawed from day one.

Response number one came from RopeFiend, a 49-year-old Arlo Guthrie fan who in another thread post “pant pant” at the Tori Amos avatar we were using. His response:

I like the more aggressive stuff myself, but tastes differ.  It’s all about what gets you in the mood.  

Some of the theme music from horror movies has JUST the right touch!    Rapid heartbeat, ‘fight or flight’ reaction…  



The second respondee, however, stepped to the plate. That would be the_lecher, a guy who you can see by a quick visit to his Myspace has no friends that aren’t porn stars. His take on iTunes rape matters:


Well, there’s “Rape Me” by Nirvana.  I don’t care for it much myself, but it’s thematic, so long as you don’t break the lyrics down and analyse them.

Personally, I’d recommend Evanescence.  They’re high energy, and they’re also melodic.


I don’t much care for it myself, but it’s thematic, as long as you don’t break the lyrics down and analyse them. Because, y’know, during rape most people do stop to engage in a little bit of lyrical analysis. It still chills me to the bone when I remember that bit of “Baise Moi” where your girl turns around in the middle of her ordeal and goes “Wait, so are the three men he ‘admires the most’ the Kennedies and Martin Luther King or Big Bopper, Buddy Holly and Richie Valens? I don’t get it. OK, you can continue again now.”

But then again, this is a forum with a thread entitled “Anal rape photo… not for the faint of heart!” That exclamation mark kills me, it really does.


Evolution Control Committee – Rocked By Rape

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