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You have no friends in common

Usually, ILB’s incoming friend requests on Facebook tend to revolve around the “least interesting co-worker/some schmuck from a message board I post to/dude from school who has since turned into a white pride advocate.” But November 27, 2008 brings us a special treat.Following on from high end discussion here and here, we logged into FB today to be confronted by this sight:


Not 100% sure what this is all about. The only previous random music journalist add I got was from Rosie Swash, and I just assumed that she was on cougar recon when she sent it. What on earth Pistol Pete intended to do with me is unknown; perhaps he was going to engage in a bout of passive aggressive poking, or maybe he just wanted to share his favourite clips from Love Thy Neighbour and Curry and Chips on my wall. Although I did learn from all this that when Pete isn’t still doing the “white people using hip-hop slang equals comedy gold” routine, he’s apparently now a full-time worker at Nuts Magazine. So at least he has the morale and artistic high ground over me.

Let’s take a look at that profile photo one more time:




I was going to post an MP3 of “New Friend Request” by Gym Class Heroes here, but I don’t hate you people that much.

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