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In review: Brooklyn Academy – Bored of Education



Over the years I, and undoubtedly many of the rest of you, have gotten a lot of enjoyment from the Jay-Z lyric “revolve like the sun around the earth”, the Chamillionaire line “Always been about the horizontal lines through them S’s, that’s a dollar sign”, and the time when Cannibus said “I’m your worst nightmare squared/That’s double for niggaz who ain’t mathematically aware.” A lot more enjoyment than I’ve gotten from the rest of these guys’ careers, at least.

But they, Brooklyn Academy want to play this game as well, and drop “Your girl got more niggaz in her mouth than Kramer from Friends”. What makes it even funnier is that the same dude breaks off his earlier verse to actually say “Now that’s a clever line” (something about dust = poor raping/dust = slang term for phencyclidine).  The further question remains whether or not a) the most depressing thing about all this is that we now have rappers young enough to not automatically know what TV show Kramer was in as  “Level 1” pop culture quiz knowledge or b) Block McCloud (seriously) is fucking stupid. On the same track (“Raise Ya Hands”) Jean Grae pops up to tell us that we’d find it “hard to get our mouths around” her clit, which just makes me think of the this movie.

“Bored of Education” is the most Rawkus-sounding album you’re going to here this side of the collapse of the WTC. It’s the kind of record that’s perfectly summed up by the phrase “The kind of album that features more than one guest spot from Jean Grae (seriously, including her drunk dialing an ex-boyfriend) but still comes across as half-decent”. If they changed the “c” to the same hue as the “y” on their logo, it would be perfectly colour co-ordinated for how many points each letter scores in Scrabble. I’m not saying you need to hear this before you fill in your year-end lists, but if you’re dedicated to shoving a top 50 list on your blog that nobody will read, this’ll certainly be worthy of a spot around the 46/47 mark.


Brooklyn Academy ft Jean Grae – Raise Ya Hands

  1. m-stunna
    December 10, 2008 at 3:38 am

    sorry man i gave up on the white dudes after eminem became a novelty act

  2. jai
    November 11, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    he purposely said that for shock value, a lot more people are going to take notice of “kramer from friends” than “kramer from seinfeld” simply because its obviously wrong it will make people think about the line more thus more of an impact KRAMER IS ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS TELEVISION PERSONALITIES OF ALL TIME to think that someone anywhere in the world let alone NYC would not know what show kramer was from, is upsetting enough to make nerds like you talk about it on blogs no-one reads or cares about………(obviously)

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