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Scorzayzee – Casio Sweep



If you wanted to, you could probably break out a game of armchair pop culture psychology over “Casio Sweep” and wonder why, in the spirit of tunes like this, 50 Pence’s 2003 daytime radio cracker “In Da Pub”, and myriad other UK hiphop airtime fillers, British rappers seem to be so keen on the concept of taking the instrumental from a recent hit about ballin’ and then kicking verses about how broke-ass/gutter they are. You could think about whether this is endemic of an inferiority complex, and if so if that’s an inferiority complex UKHH has to American rap, or just a complex the UK has to America full stop. Alternately, you could consider it a deliberate marker of undergroundness: I refuse to go commercial to blow up like you did on this beat, and as a result I’m still checking the dented tins at the end of the Sainsbury’s aisle.

I mean you could do that but why fucking bother? Continuing ILB’s themed week of content dealing solely with Wiley and Google traps for angry hipster douches, “Casio Sweep” features Scorzayzee keeping it Netto over the “Wearing My Rolex” beat, while namechecking everyone’s second favourite “falling into disrepair after two weeks” watch brand (after Swatch, obviously).

What makes it even weirder is that this is the same Scorzayzee who had a track banned by the BBC and pilloried in the right-wing broadsheets four years ago. It should give you a clue as to what kind of content he was dealing with when you find out the top google match for trying to discover information about his track “Great Britain” is a letter of thanks from a website that believes the royal family to all be freemasons. But yep, in 2004 Scorzayzee was rhyming about Zionist control of American foreign policy, Prince Philip killing Diana Spencer, and calls America the great “Satan”. In 2008, he’s got his Weird Al on, and he’s all the better for it. Funny how progress happens.


Scorzayzee – Casio Sweep

  1. Ben Westhoff
    December 3, 2008 at 6:06 pm

    Where can I hear “Casio Sweep”?

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