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Congratulations to America and all their fans on a tremendous achievement


I mean, effectively, this post here is the one that we would have posted in April if a) Veltroni had beaten Berlusconi and b) this blog was actually, y’know, active in April. Only without seminal Italian acts Pooh and that one dude that did that “somebody answer the phone” techno tune. But never let it be said that ILB doesn’t mark the major occasions. Free MP3s after the jump

Young Growler – V For Victory

It’s not a funny name. I mean, “growler” is one of those obliquely sexual terms that a) nobody ever actually uses in real life and b) is only ever “humorously” referred to by smutty office jokers. Still, why not try enjoying the irony of celebrating Barack Obama’s US election victory with a song about cricket?

Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana – Black Republicans

In a dream world, Juelz Santana would be banned from making any music except eight bars on multi-MC remixes of contemporary rap hits. I dunno, he’s a lot more entertaining when he’s just saying any shit that comes into his head (he must be the only person in music history not directly involved in happy hardcore to say “bonkers” in a non-ironic context) than when he’s actually putting effort in. Hey, remember when Dipset were this big thing? Crazy times.

Someone Tom Russell Didn’t Bother Crediting On His 2005 Album “Hotwalker” – America The Beautiful

Either that or the outlaw country TexMex troubadour has a slightly more impressive falsetto than most of us imagined. Harking back to ILB’s earlier recommendation of J-Zone’s “Live At Tha Liqua Sto” album, “Hotwalker” also contains a guy with his voice sped up pretending to be a fictional person for the course of an album, but unlikely Chief Chinchilla I actually fell for this completely, and only discovered I’d been punked when I found out that Marlon Brando never appeared in a movie with a circus midget called “Little” Jack Horton, and  neither had Charles Bukowski stolen a train with said little person. Because he doesn’t fucking exist. One day we will just turn this blog into a repository for Tom Russell MP3s, until you ungrateful bastards actually start going out there and buying his music.

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