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It’s Pen and Pixel Wednesday On Ich Luge Bullets

Before we say anything more, the crux of this post in one line: you really need to get the fuck over to ffm713‘s blog at some hosting service I’ve never heard of because he has the reason the internet may have been invented: a (near) complete archive of every Pen & Pixel-designed album cover. 364 of them to be precise, 364 examples of dogs smoking blunts, ghostly hands waving stacked bundles about, diamond encrusted hub caps on a limo ridden by the devil, dogs smoking blunts while waving cough medicine about and pretty much 364 examples of poor depth perception on the part of the designers. It doesn’t really matter. Pen and Pixel, to me, ARE hip-hop, the point where self-awareness meets don’t-give-a-fuck and the end result is simultaneously abjectly ridiculous and deeply honest. If you need more evidence that you gotta go to ffm713’s instantly, there’s examples of some of my favourites after the cut. And examples presented without commentary as well, because while this may be the high point of the internet, the low point is those fucking websites that show exactly the same 20 “worst album covers ever” over and over again, but try and add their own “witty take” on them. And I don’t think there’s any commentary needed when it comes to Magnolia Short’s “Monkey On Tha Dick”.


Master P ft Lil Jon – Act A Fool

Hefner – Painting and Kissing

  1. November 13, 2008 at 2:22 am

    Just to clear things up a bit…Please, Please stop saying that Pen and Pixel has all their covers at Skyrock 713…Let’s do the math…shall we. Pen and Pixel Graphics, started in 1992, ended in 2003!
    Number of clients serviced: 6,203
    total number of individually designed album covers, CD Covers and Posters (each different)
    Number of photo shoots 2788
    Number of Gold album Awards 63
    Number of Platinum album Awards 22
    Number of exhibits 4 in museums in the USA
    Number of articles in the press 127

    These are just some of the outstanding figures people need to know. We had a great run and appreciate the world wide following.
    If you have more questions please e-mail me.
    Many thanks
    Shawn Brauch

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