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Post-midnight Youtube filler #2: Carole King – It Might As Well Rain Until September


Dogsledfan (1 month ago)  +3    Reply

Forget Witless Houston and Pariah Carey. 60’s girls ruled and always will!            

Outside of the previously mentioned 1960s Italian rock’n’roll tapes, the other music I remember most from my formative years was the Classic Gold radio station that broadcast to both Northampton and its glamorous surrounding areas like Bedford and Long Buckby. “It Might As Well Rain Until September” got heavy play on that station, as did Petula Clark’s “Downtown” (which part of my brain is convinced was the first song I ever actively remember hearing around the age of three) and the “Hotel California”/”American Pie”/”Bohemian Rhapsody” trinity, which was an 11-year-old made endless “let’s go for a drive” Sunday afternoons roll by a lot quicker.

The original Classic Gold format was a heavy lossmaker though, In 2000 the brand was sold off to UBC Media (who nowadays do fuck all else other than Sky Radio News). The first time I head Classic Gold after this was around the time my parents were driving me 200 miles to work out which university I was supposed to be going to. Classic Gold, an oldies station, was now playing Ricky Martin and Faith Hill, and a little part of my childhood died.

Classic Gold noways has two separate shows hosted by Tony Blackburn. Sigh.

  1. October 27, 2008 at 9:44 pm

    Dickish fact, I used to love this song as a youngun’ too, but not for it’s perfect pop beats and lovely melody, but principally because my birthday is in September, so I liked the idea that the sun would once again beam down BECAUSE of me and my glorious (albeit one month premature) birth. See also that song about the good ship sailing on the ‘allie allie oh’ on the last day of September and the prayer ‘Sing Hosannah’ which sounds a bit like my name.

    Someone at work once told me that having a blog is ‘the most self obsessed thing one could do’.

    I naturally told him to go fuck himself.

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