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Post-midnight Youtube filler #1: Gilbert O’Sullivan – Nothing Rhymed

sirtinycreep (3 months ago)  +1    Reply | Spam

I’m not a gay man, but he was quite good looking there. Credit where credit is due

Things you know about Gilbert O’Sullivan:


  • He took his stage name from the two worst people in English cultural cannon
  • He was from the north of England or Ireland or somewhere like that
  • Pudding bowl haircut and baker’s delivery boy cap combo
  • Helpfully fucked up hip-hop for good in the early 90s when he sued Biz Markie for £800,000 for sampling “Alone Again (Naturally)” in a song about poop. O’Sullivan’s brother later noted that one of the problems for Gilbert was the fact Biz Markie was a “humourous rapper. If it was a serious artist like Andy Williams, this would be different”
  • He did that one song Pan’s People sang to a dog on Top of the Pops about
Things I know about Gilbert O’Sullivan
  • Alongside The Monkees, Mario Lanza and Dean Martin, Gilbert O’Sullivan is one of four recording artistes I have noticed my mother actively listening to in the 25 fucking years I’ve known her.
Things I know about “Nothing Rhymed”
  • If Britpop had have used a string section as well a Gill does here, maybe it wouldn’t have been such fucking shit.
  1. Ethan Kath
    October 15, 2008 at 3:16 pm

    Yes to filler posts! I like it!

  2. Zona Bob
    October 4, 2009 at 9:35 am

    Too bad, tiny creep…

    Rather obvious from your comments you know so little about Raymond Edward ‘Gilbert’ O’Sullivan – including the fact he had nearly 50 fights in the ring as an amateur boxer (how good do you have to be to get almost 50 contenders? http://www.gilbertosullivan.net/in_print/biography3.htm).

    The man – a multi-millionaire, times-over – has continued to produce nearly a song-a-day, to date, for over FORTY YEARS (how many diatribes have you produced in that time-frame?). He’s recently – March, 2009 – been in Nashville, USA, writing and producing songs he’s conceived and written for an up-coming album .

    …are you still with me?

    Here’s the deal: get your s**t together before vomiting in the toilet about artists you haven’t an inkling about, or be flushed out of this column.

    Do just a smidgeon of research…

    ~Bob Shank Jr.
    Tucson, Arizona, USA

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