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You should probably buy this: J-Zone Presents Chief Chinchilla – Live At The Liqua Sto


Or “Live @ The Liqua Sto”, “Live At The Liquor Sto” and “Live At The Liquor Store”. May as well Googlebait the hell out of this.

Long-time Passantino fans will be well aware that the only jocks I ride harder than J-Zone’s are those that belong to Rab Florence and Adebayo Akinfenwa. I even show up on last.fm’s “J-Zone top listeners page”, alongside lots of guys who almost definitely work in Berlin area trainer stores.

Why? Despite the albums, the remix albums, the “retirement as a rapper”, the mixes, the podcasts and his hook-ups to spit alongside Danger Mouse and Devin the Dude, J-Zone is not a rapper. He’s a comedian that makes beats. A comedian that makes some fantastic, East Coast-style take on classic West Coast-era beats, but a comedian nonetheless. If you want to put the wankhat on, you could make a comparison to Tom Lehrer, another guy who twigged that his humour style would work better if he mastered a musical genre to put it in.

Anyway, arse-end of 2006 J-Zone retired from rap. In the interim, he’s been knocking out his Gator$ and Fur$ podcasts alongside sidekick Chief Chinchilla, a 4’6” pimp with an admiration for onion rings (actually J-Zone with his voice speeded up). And this is the latter’s debut album, a tribute to the St Ides’ jingles of the early 90s.

The spirit of Prince Paul rests hard over this: he’s the first name dropped on the shoutouts, he turns up to do a skit himself (and uses the phrase “Fell off like insert rapper here” which you may wanna install as a Facebook status update now), and he gets named as the “king of the comedy concept albums”. Which may be true, but J-Zone never produced a Paul Barman album or that second fucking Handsome Boy Modelling School joint, so fuck it, J-Zone’s just made himself the new monarch of the style.

So yeah, 19 jingles for beers and 11 skits in under 40 minutes. A whole track is based around a sample of Billy Dee Williams’ shilling Colt 45. “Hillbilly Beer” is somehow the first time “hoedown” and “ho go down” have been rhymed together. There’s E-Swift from That Alkaholiks (inevitably), RA The Rugged Man threatening to rape someone (inevitably), a skit where someone doing a really bad Australian accent informs you that “Calvin’s Hard Lemonade makes my dick hard and all the bitches want to fuck me” over what sounds like a Thin Lizzy live sample and Louis Logic turns up with a barbershop quartet. It’s like the hip-hop version of The Fast Show if someone had the grace to tell Arabella Weir that she wasn’t funny.

Obviously this isn’t a “serious” “album”, you can’t sit down with this and stroke the parts of your chin that aren’t covered by your headphone cans. But I’ve played 197 tracks off this album in the past five days. It’s the most fun I’ve heard an album be in ages. And it’ll probably be the last time 2006 album-of-the-year hook-ups J-Zone and Celph Titled rhyme on a track together (“Pimp Potion”). I liked it so much I paid actual real physical money for it.

Chief Chinchilla – Can I Get A Sip

  1. and what
    October 18, 2008 at 1:44 am

    lol @ “st ives” nice try u dummy

  2. Dom Passantino
    October 19, 2008 at 2:19 pm

    lol britishes

  1. December 21, 2008 at 10:36 pm

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