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Joe Mofrad: the update

Long-time fans of Ich Luge Bullets (as opposed to the 90% of this site’s traffic that now comes via people trying to find Peaches Geldof’s PR agency number) will remember we engaged in a little bit of light-hearted banter a few weeks back on the topic of hot new Scottish music criticism talent Joe Mofrad.

One of the points from the piece was how the youth of today seem to be completely unaware that a little light Googling can bring up metric tonnes of data on them, their desires, their foibles, and their virulent homophobia. That post was made on September 22, 2008.

On October 6, 2008:

Really, all I can do here is just make the comedy 13-year-old “belm” noise over and over again until I forget about all this. The reason we found that is that we’ve been getting quite a few search hits on the site for the name “Joe Mofrad”, so I can only assume that prospective TV purchasers have been checking him out before handing over a buck-eighty. Rest assured Gumtreers of Dundee: Joe’s a lovely lad, although he’s not too keen on the “fucking queers”, so maybe, I dunno, don’t let him know you’ll be using that TV to watch “America’s Next Top Model”.

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