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The Yahoogroup for vintage movies that Amy Winehouse used to moderate: let’s talk about it

So, the other day Google, to celebrate their 10th birthday, launched a site that gives you access to their 2001 search engine, with appropriate results. And originally we were going to occupy this evening with a good old-fashioned filler post, lazily plopping popular recording artistes of the day into their and providing links to, say Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne‘s pasts as Christian singer-songwriters, or an 11-year-old Theo Walcott providing satorial advice.

Anyway, so we were in the middle of plugging in all of these musicians and pop cultural figures names in to Google 2001, when I thought I may as well throw a bone to all my readers who read the London free press. So in went the name “Amy Winehouse”. What came out? MICHAEL MADSEN MANIA 2001 GUEST BOOK. Seriously.


Amy Winehouse


Jan 18, 2000  23:33

How did you find this site:  Yahoo.

Where are you from (city, state, country):  London

What one question would you like to ask Michael Madsen:  Uh….If you had the choice, would you be Nathan Detroit or Sky Masterson?

Would  you join an Official MM Fan Club:   I’d like to think so.


Your Comments:  Frank Sinatra God rest your soul…. 1915-1998


It’s nice to think that Amy has faith in Michael Madsen’s knowledge of 1950s musicals. Anyway, are we sure this is the same Amy? I mean, it can’t be that common a name but does the useless junkie really strike you as the kind of person who spent their teenage years fantasising about a roll in the hay with Mr Blonde? Well… the email address attached to that message is “bunnycaress@yahoo.com”. Let’s try that out shall we?


Yahoo! ID: bunnycaress

Real Name: Bunny Titanium



Marital Status: Single, Not Looking

Sex: Female

Occupation: Jazz Singer Vegas Hostess

Jazz singer born in 1983? From LDN? Maybe too much of a coicidence, although you may be interested that one of Amy’s “cool links” is Official Women of Wrestling,  “a collection of  the latest news, rumors, bios, and information – plus 1000’s of pictures – about the women past and present involved in professional wrestling”, which raises the thought that maybe her subsequent swing towards alcohol and narcotics is merely smothering the pain she feels at having to pursue a career in bullshit retro jazz, rather than her true calling as the 2008 version of Molly Holly.

But yes, “Bunny’s Vintage Movies“, now sadly fallen into disripute as a spam-magnet for Viagra and online dating agency scam emails, but back in 2000/01 Bunny Caress ran the place with an iron fist.

If you’re looking for insights into Winehouse’s deteriorating mental state as of a young age, you’re probably in for a struggle. This would have been back when she had tits. But there’s some gems around:


Oh minny… you’re so cute… :)<br><br>Uh… my favourite movie quote is:<br><br>’You are entering a world of pain.’- From the Big Lebowski. I realise the irony of my starting the club and then quoting from a modern film, but I too LOVE the Coens. Mung what’s your favourite Coen bros. film??<br><br><br>Sho, you’ve got a bloody nerve!! Couldn’t you have said ‘John McLaughlin- Some Like It Hot was a masterpiece’? Guess not lol!!!<br><br>Thanks guys…. my favourite director would have be Scorsese or Hitchcock.<br><br>And if anyone can help me with this club, I’d be real grateful… Mwaaaaahh! To you all :X<br><br>Bunny<br>xxx

Does ‘cock’ mean the same in America as it does in Britain? 

ALEX WINEHOUSE!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?? MISTER IF YOU DON’T WATCH YOUR STEP I’LL HAVE YOUR MEMBERSHIP DELETED QUICKER’N YOU CAN SAY ‘Bing? Pish.’ Hi everybody, sorry about this. This man is my brother, alex. My real brother. We are both neurotic and Jewish, please consider this.<br><br>Bunny<br>x


‘The best people in the world are Jewish or Italian.’ (she’s half right at least)

 I just can’t help myself, I haven’t had sex in a month. Sorry about that. Well. The club pic isn’t me. She’s my favourite World Wrestling Federation Diva, Chyna. My tits are bigger anyway. 🙂


I’m a 16 yr old who frequents gay clubs in the hope she’ll be spotted by an agent and snapped up, whisked away to Hawaaii and promoted in all my beauty


Hi guys, my pc’s fixed! Yay.<br><br>Hey, this’ll interest you. It’s 8:15 on a Saturday morning and I’m getting ready for work and all. My agent calls andapologises for waking me up and all, but there’s an audition at twelve. I make my excuses cos I gotta go into work: I need the money cos I’m taking Sunday off. She tells me Spielberg’s doing Anne Frank’s story and she wants me to audition for the part of Anne. Seriously, no shit. But I couldn’t miss work. So that’s my story.<br><br>How are you guys, anyway? I’m going to order loads of wrestling paraphernalia on my mother’s credit card now

I’m here, ever watchful. I wish more people would post…. oh well. happy new year, all. I woke up on the second naked with bruises on my forehead, a black eye, one of my piercings was missing and I my best friend’s ex was lying next to me. also naked. So.. that was weird. hope y’all had a good one xx
Fred, you gave some nig spiel about Newman and how he likes actors etc to treat him as their own, and then you analyse it
nig spiel
nig spiel
your alcohol intake at 17 was probably nothing compared to mine at 13, for Christ’s sake. We grow up younger these days, old man….. and that means we can take care of ourselves, too.
And around the arse-end of 2001 it all dies off, with the girl talking of meetings with Simon Fuller and how, if the UK does go to war with Afghanistan, how cool it’d be to sing for the troops.
So there you go. It’s nice to know that there’s celebrities out there who’ve underwent the same online clique drama that the rest of our generation did back in 99/00, but it’s even better to know that this is a cheap filler post that didn’t really require any actual effort and will probably end up attracting a high hitrate. When this eventually appears in the Metro in a sloppily rewritten form, at least credit my blog, yes? Thanks.
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  2. Fab
    March 8, 2010 at 12:38 pm

    I used to post on her groups a lot. She was fun to be online friends with, no seriously. Had lots of culture and opinions. She knows a lot more about movies than you’d think.

  1. October 5, 2008 at 2:08 pm

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