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Novelty Cover Version week on Ich Luge Bullets: #1 – The Dan Band


It’s become a maligned genre. And fairly so. The novelty cover version has, in recent years, been made to look ridiculous by Jo Whiley. Whereas once upon a time the concept of band x, from genre y, covering a song by band z, from genre a, would have resulted in a chuckles and wry appreciation all round, nowadays this is apparently elevated to the level of exalted artform by Ms Whiley and her Live Lounge, wherein we’re meant to be actively excited that, I don’t fucking know, Reverend and the Makers are doing their interpretation of “Love In This Club”, or Gym Class Heroes’ take on “Irish Blood English Heart”. It’s not going down like that.

No, instead, we here at ILB have decided to run with Novelty Cover Version week. A tribute, a shout out, an attempt at reappraising the bands who made it their lives’ mission to reinterpret with more of an eye on chuckles than rocking the dancefloor. We’d like you to keep one eyebrow raised at all time during the course of the next seven  days.

The Dan Band’s Wikipedia page pretty much sums it up better than the next couple of hundred words would: 

They are well known for its covers of originally female-performed pop songs, with added obscenities and swearing.

That’s it. You can go home now.

If you really want it covering further… The Dan Band strongly resemble that section in the karaoke where people start throwing adlibs into their routines. Except here most adlibs are either the word “fuck” or your man (lead singer of this band is married to her that voices Peggy Hill) gesturing to his crotch. He understands it the same as Biggie did: the only thing that can make great music better is grabbing your dick.

Whether or not you’re gonna enjoy their 2005 album “The Dan Band Live!” depends on whether or not, 30 seconds into the album and during their adaptation of En Vogue’s “Free Your Mind”, you think it’s funny for a bunch of white guys dressed as mechanics and businessmen to shout about how they love “their strong black brother”. Possibly due to not being hugged enough as a kid, I do.

The highpoints of the album are undoubtedly their take on Britney’s “Slave 4 U”, which without any attempt on my part to come across “challenging” is actually a lot better than the original (ie, it’s not some hackneyed dated 2003-era R&B bullshit that nobody could possibly care about in the 08), and their trademark cover of Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, which in its original form really did need the lines “I fucking need you more tonight, I fucking need you more than ever”. The whole piece is undoubtedly some puerile bullshit, but its the kind of puerile bullshit that’s going to raise a couple of smiles and actually make you go “Ah man, Wilson Phillips, that’s my fucking tune right there!”

The Dan Band followed this album up with 2007’s “HO: A Dan Band Christmas”. This is the cover:

I think it’s safe to say their boat may have sailed. But, seriously, get the debut album, it’s a low-end arms-in-the-air classic.

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