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Nemi is a racist

No, I’m not quite sure what “hop-hop” is either. I’m also not quite sure as to why Nemi and friend are sitting in front of an advert for Darkie toothpaste:

I don’t know why your man in the Fred Durst outfit is gesturing at a toy rabbit while he’s in the middle of discussion, or why, unless he was hit by a car earlier that evening, his arm currently is at that angle. And I really don’t get how Nemi can rail against “blokes in naff clothes, banal misogynistic lyrics about things four-year-olds think are cool said by men who can’t sing with appalling language as they punch the thing air” WHEN SHE’S A FUCKING GOTH AND THOSE ARE THE SOLE ASPECTS OF GOTH CULTURE THAT HAVE REMAINED CONSTANT FOR THE PAST 30 YEARS.

Nemi is undoubtedly fucking awful and the revelation that artist Lise Myhre has some really fucking abhorrent racial views doesn’t come as a real surprise. With the London free newspaper wars of the past few years it’s been exciting times for connoisseurs of bad cartoon strips. Em regularly features punchlines that appear to have been run through Babelfish five time and is so text-heavy that the final panel of each strip regularly consigns the artwork to the bottom quarter of the box, so Em can make a gag about either a) how she got so drunk last weekend lol or b) some fucking indie band or other. The Omnipresent, on the other hand, is just fucking dire and appears to share its sense of humour and artwork style with a Christmas stocking filler novelty book published in 1975.

But Nemi, man… Nemi is something special. Nobody will take her crown as queen of bad comic strips, her smug, self-satisfied, smarmy middle class politics, where Myrhe channels her own bullshit beliefs through her characters with about as much subtlety as Parker and Stone do on their worst days (in brief, in Nemi world: Tori Amos = good, having to pay taxes = bad).

What makes this even more confusing is that Norway is apparently proud of Nemi. Personally, I’d have assumed all that time Norway spent sterilising the mentally ill in the 60s would have stopped this generation containing any Nemi fans, but there you go. It even gets to the point where the Norwegian Consulate in England features stories about Nemi on their webpage. I appreciate that if they weren’t coveringNemi they’d have to write about either A-Ha or Quisling, but still…

Anyway, Nemi’s existence is very nearly justified by the edited Nemis that appear on the goaste.cx website. Here’s one of them:

The rest are here. Go there now.

  1. Maria Smedstad
    September 26, 2008 at 12:15 pm

    Black metal fan = racist = no surprise.

    Today Nemi features complaints about taxes again. Where the fuck does her money come from?

  2. Al Denney
    October 2, 2008 at 3:48 pm

    BOSH! that strip boils my piss something rotten.

  3. Kitty Genovese
    May 13, 2009 at 12:48 am

    Needs more Omnipresent bashing tbh, Chris Roy Taylor’s perniciousness is only deepened by the revelation that he is in fact an expat Aussie

    Goaste Nemi is one of the best 5 webcomics ever, maybe 3

  4. Rob W.
    October 17, 2012 at 2:15 pm

    How the hell is this racist? You’re basing it on a character’s opinions on their clothes, and a poster of somebody’s teeth in the background.

    None of this is skin related, and the link to Darkie toothpaste is tenous, at best.

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