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2-step death cult killed my child

Having never been a 13-year-old girl with ready access Adobe Premiere, I can’t say I fully parse the mindset behind creating a “tribute video”.

You take some clips of your favourite movie/TV show/celebrity, and set them to a contemporary pop classic. That’s clear, I think. I just don’t get a) why you’d do that and b) what possesses some of these tune selections.

The king of all this was Guided By Voices now being remembered not, as the 33 1/3 crowd would have you believe, as the defining indie act of their generation, but as a band who somehow fluked their way onto a Buffy the Vampire Slayer soundtrack, and subsequently became the backing track of choice for Youtube clips detailing the relationship between Willow and, I dunno I never watched it, Kimbo.

Still doesn’t explain this though. Pouty, moody, emo pin-up of the self-mutilating Jared Leto pouts and moods his way through a series of snippets set to… “Sweet Like Chocolate” by Shanks and Bigfoot, which got to #1 in May 1999. I apparently missed the memo that emo was borne of 2-step.

I mean, I understand that the “joke” is that “omg Jared is so sweet”, but if so why not use, I dunno, “Sugar Sugar” or “Chocolate Salty Balls” or “Chewing Gum” by Annie (ask your grandparents).

Still, 2-step man. Heady times. A special ILB article will be written about the first DJ who drops a “sounds of 99/00” 2-step vs nu-metal mixtape. I need to hear Wideboys and Alien Ant Farm back to back man.


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