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Albums that I probably should have reviewed this year #1: “Sin-A-Matic: The 80s Edition” by Louis Logic and JJ Brown

Although you’d be hard-pressed to realise it while looking at my last.fm statistics, apparently there was some music released this year that wasn’t recorded by Los Campesinos or Royce Da 5’9″. Crazy, I know. Anyway, we here at ILB are proud to present the first in an occasional series looking at those albums we didn’t cover the first time round, either due to lack of ability for anything to say about it, 18-hour-day subbing shifts at the office, or the sole fact that I have single-handedly alienated every single commissioning editor in the UK and as such have no real outlet outside of a fucking WordPress blog. Enjoy.

I think this album is some sort of conceptual in-joke?Let me explain: “Sin-A-Matic” was the 2003 album from then-Demigodz MC Louis Logic, which was a big hit amongst corny-assed with Carharrt-rocking uni students in the UK at the time like myself. I can’t remember if he turned up on a DJ Yoda mixtape, but he definitely should have been. Anyway, it was a pretty great album: goofy, zingy, some pretty swish beats, and tracks like “Diablos” (Louis and Celph Titled are going to rape the fuck out of you, metaphorically) and “Coochie Coup” (Louis, on his own, is going to rape the fuck out of you, literally) were fantastic. Then, he quit the Godz, and then his career from that point went:

  • Alcohol/Ism (didn’t hear)
  • Blame It On The Hooch (didn’t know it existed)
  • Misery Loves Comedy (downloaded this off Oink, never listened to it)
It’s a measure of how much I’d forgotten about this guy that when I went to write this piece, I kept staring at the Wikipedia page going “Why don’t they mention ‘White Girls‘, that’s his best song?”, until I remember that was by Mighty Casey.
So, anyway, this is an artist I’d not really paid attention to since 2003, and he’s come back with a remix of his 2003 album utilising that most early-2000s of inventions, the “mash-up sampling 1980s pop songs”. And I’m sure we can all admit that those days where people actively checked Go Home Productions’ homepage were heady times.
Look, I’m zinging: “Sin-A-Matic” was a good album, Logic is a good rapper, “Sin-A-Matic: The 80s Edition” is a good, if largely unnecessary, piece of work.So of the songs mentioned above, “Diablos” sounds even better as battle rap performed on top of a Cutting Crew sample with an RA The Rugged Man verse tacked on the end, while “Coochie Coup” now gets his misogyny on over A-Ha’s “Take On Me”, which is a perfect fit because apparently Morten Harket thinks women are property and solely to be treated as such.
Elsewhere, it’s what you’d expect: Men At Work, Toto, Foreigner, some rhymes about alcohol, some about politics, some about the ladies. And, worst of all, no posse cut cypher over the hook of “Mary’s Prayer” by Danny Wilson. Pretty much the dictionary definition of a missed opportunity.
  1. Thomas James Bird
    September 24, 2008 at 9:12 pm

    I can inform you that Alcohol(ism) was not really very good and a let down from his first LP. You may want to check out his first single, I had it on vinyl at one point. It was a bit like the album Jzone did after the one with eatadickup on, you know the one where he was just going to find all his fav OG’s and do tracks with them. COncept was good, but like all forgotten emcee’s they would not help Jzone out and the whole thing turned rubbish.

    I am also sorry to say that JJ Brown is a bit Ben Affleck to the Damonesque Logic…


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