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Y’all niggas sound faker than Alicia Keys’ ghetto accent: Have Your Say discusses the new Bond theme

Word to spEak You’re bRanes, sometimes we like to idly potter about the BBC’s “Have Your Say” section, and get informed about political correctness gone made, your tax money funding day trips for Jihadists, and people finishing off their messages by telling us to vote for the BNP. However, sometimes there are other topics up for discussion, and for some reason today they’ve decided to open it up for chatter about Alicia and Jackie’s Bond theme. Here, presented without comment, are some of the finest responses:


Do you like the new Bond theme song?

No …Alicia’s vocals just don’t cut it on this song.She lacks”cojones”She’s singing it like a conservatory student(by the book)

I would have used Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler.

Nothing new,Very unoriginal familiar chord progressions. My teenage daughter could come up with such chord progressions and she’s only 13!

Alex Gache, Netherlands


That is not a bond theme.

Where is the powerful brass and the catchy melody? Where are the slow moody lyrics being bellowed out by an almighty voice?

Chris Cornell’s song for Casino Royale made that perfect bridge between bond theme and rock song. It contained all of the above but gave Casino an original sound without losing the ‘Bondness’.

Lewis Gaston, Portsmouth, United Kingdom

That song rolls and rolls deep. It’s about time a Bond theme reflected the hip hop, from the streets roots of the J to the Bizzle, Double OH SIZZLE! Man, he’s gonna blap those bad boys up with his slick WPPK and they won’t have no say. HEAR ME! Oh wait, Bond isn’t a behoodied thug, toting fedacious drugs on a Harlesden Street corner. He’s a Tux wearing uber-spy with a wit drier than his Martinis and highly polished shoes. Know your audience. Bring back Bassey (or Winehouse). Idiots.

Jon, London 


John Barry will always be the Sean Connery of Bond music.

If you think that is old-fashioned, well: so are the works of Plato.

rens weiz


This in no way should carry the bond brand and I am pretty sure Barbara B is really asking questions about this and wondering where the big epic score got dropped and more importantly why its being downgraded to a chart song. No one will rememeber this track for more than an hour, compare with the likes of Paul Mcartney etc and think about it. Moan over



Hate it. The lyrics are dreadful. I can’t imagine anyone singing it.

Mr J Rossi, Birmingham 


Awful, Rap is a terrible tuneless musical method. It has no place in a Bond theme. There is plenty of musical styles out there to make it ‘edgy and modern’ without falling down the awful r’n’b trap.

And where is the ‘Bond’ inflections in the song, i heard none at all.


Richie Dabbs, Woking, United Kingdom



 Sounds terrible. Muse should have done it.

max, london 


absolute c//p . why do you have to ‘panda’ to the young masses? Is this where you are focusing the film? Are these the ‘people’ who are going to pay to see this film? Do you think that by using this intro it will draw younger audiences? James Bond films, in the cinema, only attract the ‘James Bond nerds’.

carol jones, cardiff 


Totally incoherent, jumbled rubbish, the vocals sounded like they were recorded in a garden shed. Why not Muse? Why not Amy Winehouse? Radiohead? That new song from The last Shadow Puppets? ANYTHING BUT THIS!!!

samson, london 


I do not like the new Bond song by Jack White & Alicia Keys at all

considering we have again a remarkable Bond in Daniel Craig. Surely somebody with some musical talent could have been approached, a la “Cold Play” – When you take into account the writing talents of John Barry & Paul Mc Cartney this new song falls into a very pale comparison. 


Alan also a Musician

Alan, London


Unoriginal aimed at getting those that listen to the mindless POP music to pay to see a film, the same people are the P2P generation who will watch it for free and save money to pay fuel bills!

Louis Cannell, Northampton, United Kingdom


Dire, awful; only two of the words that describe this. Another reason to decry the Craig version of Bond. If this is the best they could come up with then I think I will not be going to see this film in the cinema. Does not live up to the likes of Bassey, Sinatra, Duran Duran etc.

Sean, New York 


when u hear the old bond film tunes on the radio or elsewhere (cd,md) u think of bond but this one is jst rubbish the start of the song is the best out of the snippet, then the singing comes in.thats like wearing a fred perry top and not having the logo on it, the ususal taditonal songs are the best not this modern junk…btw im 17 and i hate it. i normaly like alica keys


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