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Pop criticism on the campaign trail

From what I understand there’s some election-or-other happening across the pond, where apparently the main talking points of the campaign boil down to how much ABBA is too much to have on your iPod. Thankfully, some brave political pundits, notably John McWorter of the NY Sun, have looked aside from the spin and deceit in order to drop some pretty intellectual viewpoints on the hip-hop:

Tupac Shakur, for example, would not be as iconic a rapper if he had been taller and bulkier, had a full head of hair, and did not have large eyes.

Presumably that’s why he fucked your girlfriend you fat motherfucker.

So anyway, Barack Obama: exactly the same as Tupac. Except with one more testicle. Kinda odd dude mentions this at the same time Jeff Weiss drops his Obama mixtape tracklising, but what are you gonna do?

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