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“Valentine” by FESTIVAL = second best song called “Valentine” this decade

It really fucks me off that second paragraph into 12% of all Pitchfork reviews the phrase “admission: I am friends with/used to work with/actually am the lead singer of this band” appears in brackets. So I’m never going to review FESTIVAL’s album “Come, Arrow, Come!”, being as they feature former Stylus staffer (and, to be fair, probably the best writer that magazine had) Mike Powell on drums. Actually, I studiously avoided any Facebook messages posted about these guys for ages, as I do for all other bands people I know are in. For instance, my longest-standing friend is in this band. I really am never going to advise you to listen to them.

But, surprisingly, FESTIVAL are good. Like, really really good, the palatable face of freak folk bullshit. The Tegan and Sara you could give a shit about maybe, or that Trees Community bullshit people were into two years back given some relevance. So go out and get their album, and try not to focus on the fact that I think the video features two women perving over a guy who is their cousin in real life. I dunno, I wasn’t sent a one-sheet.


Check out FESTIVAL on Myspace here

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