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Ich Luge Bullets wholeheartedly endorses this event or product

We tend not to shout out too many of the blogs we approve of on ILB, mainly because they either deal with crosswords (Fifteen Squared), zingy left-wing politics (Tory Troll and Recess Monkey) or the continually disappointing piece o’ shit football teams that I waste my life supporting (A Load of Cobblers and Palermo Offside). But we can make an exception for Why Are You So Fat

This is why gay dudes need to get the fuck out of the cattiness game and leave it to the true fucking masters like WAYSF’s McBloggenstein. In the past few weeks, some non-acquaintance of mine who takes up valuable Facebook friends wall space from me has resulted in me receiving incessant updates on how he’s joined groups with names like  “Shit…Yea we PLus size doin it up bitch watch yo man!” (sic), and photos he’s taken of himself with girls who have arms like a blockage in the sausage machine. He’s actually put me off having sex with anything with a BMI of over, oooh, 18.5%, which means that from this point forward I’m only going to fuck grime musicians.

Anyway, in this atmosphere, Why Are You So Fat? is a perfect tonic. McBloggenstein uses a sprightly mix of spite, rage, bewilderment, science, updates on what his diabetes-suffering workmates had for their lunch, zings, and a basic knowledge of the fact that BEING MORBIDLY OBESE IS PROBABLY NOT A GOOD LOOK.

Fat acceptance is, to my mind, the new internet low. At least furries got to dress up in something other than a mu-mu. Facebook groups like I’m making fat socially acceptable and I’m not sorry are where this battle ground is being fought. Let’s take a look at one of the guys who is helping make fat as cool as the other side of the pillow:

Good looking out. 

The group’s mission statement effectively boils down to “People say fat is bad, but if you didn’t have fat you’d die, so maybe science should just pipe down there”. And anyway, fat acceptance is mainly the preserve of:

  1. Morbidly obese women who literally cannot be bothered to cut the Papa Johns’ out of their diet until they resemble a shaved Martin Samuel
  2. The creepy, creepy motherfuckers who love them
Nearly every single comment on ” I’m making fat socially acceptable and I’m not sorry” are men. God bless the BBW crowd, because rappers cannot fuck all those fat white girls alone. My personal favourite comment on the site comes from Nadeem Ali of Brooklyn Technical High School, who says:
i’m all for this group, but the fat acceptance movement actually entails more, including those who are attracted to larger mates
Which is of course perfectly true, in the same way that people who rent “Cockslucking Sluts With Jungle Fever 8” are part of the civil rights movement. Fight the power Nadeem.
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    I appreciate the mention!

    How did you find my blog?

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