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Let’s all laugh at a man in sad terminal decline

Hilarious interview with Andy Kershaw in today’s Independent, especially if you enjoy chortling at former national radio DJs reduced to gibbering, delusional, aggressive wrecks by a marriage break-up caused by their infidelity.

High spots include:

“It’s a small town,” he says. “On 2 November I went digging for lugworms on Peel beach to go fishing. Then, at 11.30am, I walked around to the kiosk at Peel breakwater to get a cup of coffee. The two of them happened to be there. He had just moved in. It was acknowledged in court that I didn’t speak to them, didn’t make any physical contact. When I was sentenced after Christmas, I ended up doing seven-and-a-half weeks for looking at my ex-partner. That’s what it amounted to.”

“Because we have this young, nutty dog – a Schnauzer called Buster – with a huge personality, I even sent, for the entertainment of the kids, letters ostensibly written by Buster.”

There is a syndrome in the Isle of Man called the Manx crab. The scenario is that there are a number of crabs in a bucket. And one shows the initiative to climb out. What do the others do? They drag it back in to the bucket. People tell me time and time again that I am a victim of the Manx crab syndrome.”

Fantastic. Not as good as Kershaw going on Radio 4 a few nights after John Peel’s death and claiming that the BBC killed him, but still a cracker.

  1. Fuck you
    September 5, 2008 at 8:25 am

    you hideous cunt

  1. September 6, 2008 at 12:15 pm

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